Suggested Videos

This page will be updated regularly. Here we are sharing links to videos that we believe are educational in nature. These will assist us in expanding awareness in areas of concern to our community and help us to stimulate objective thought, discussions and solutions.

•   A pivotal address by Attorney General William Barr  (<< Click that link for print, audio & video) encompassing a full description of how the three branches of government were designed to function by the founders. So this is foundational material for all Americans to know and understand, which unfortuanately, most do not.

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  • See all of the August 2019 Movie Night Specials Click on any of the links below to see, review and/or share the important films MJAC screened in August. 

  • Clarion Project, a non-profit educational organization has some of the best videos "challenging radical Islam and promoting Human rights."  These are all important videos. Here's only one that should not be missed: By The Numbers

  • Center for Security Policy's YouTube channel is called Secure Freedom.   The "Center is a non-profit, non-partisan national security organization that specializes in identifying policies, actions, and resource needs that are vital to American security and then ensures that such issues are the subject of both focused, principled examination and effective action by recognized policy experts, appropriate officials, opinion leaders, and the general public."  Some of the best information on the Muslim Brotherhood can be found at their website and on their YouTube channel.

  • PragerU "presents the most important ideas in free five-minute videos." They "help millions of people understand the fundamental values that shaped America, and provide them with the intellectual ammunition they need to defend and spread those values. PragerU is a resource for every American—and every person in the world who values liberty—for understanding and explaining the values we share."