ZOA on the Covid Relief Bill

Everybody seems to be upset about the Covid Relief Bill. There are good reasons to be upset.


As one wag put it:

But as we've learned over and over again during this pandemic, the rules that our leaders force us to follow don't apply to them.

Others are upset, claiming that there is money for Israel in the bill.

There isn't.

What's never mentioned is foreign aid is also going to Egypt ($1.3 billion), Sudan ($700 million), Burma, Nepal, Cambodia, and Pakistan. But none of those nations are Jewish.

Oh, and the Palestinians are getting a nice chunk. Congress has to keep their terrorist infrastructure alive, and the deep-pocket Palestinian leadership needs those pockets to keep being filled.

As ZOA reports:

Because money is fungible, the new so-called “Peace Fund” will save the Palestinian Authority (PA) from having to spend money on projects for its people. The savings to the PA will enable, and in effect, help finance the PA’s heinous, continuing, hundreds of millions of dollars of annual “pay-to-slay” payments to Arab terrorists to murder Jews.
The “Peace Fund” will thus circumvent the Taylor Force Act, which was designed to reduce the funding that enables the PA to continue paying rewards to Arab terrorists to murder Jews and Americans.
ZOA has been battling to block projected-president-elect Biden’s plans to find a way to resume funding the PA. ZOA’s YouTube video, “Stuart Force, Taylor Force’s Father, Speaks Out, features the father of murdered American student Taylor Force, whose killers continue receive PA “pay to slay” payments.
It is appalling that even before Biden takes office, Congress, led by resigning Democratic Congresswoman Nita M. Lowey (for whom the “Peace Fund” provision is named and who for years proclaimed that no US funds should be given to Palestinians until they fulfill obligations under the Oslo Accords, which they never have) has passed a bill that found a way to indirectly but effectively assist the PA.
Another extremely worrisome aspect of the bill is that part of the “Peace Fund” is slated to finance supposed peace dialogue projects, that are useless at best, and are usually forums for promoting anti-Israel propaganda. Much of this funding seems likely to end up in the pockets of leftwing, highly-biased-against-Israel NGOs (non-governmental organizations) in the misnamed ALLMEP (“Alliance for Middle East Peace”) network. ALLMEP led the lobbying in Congress for the “Peace Fund.”

Are any other Jewish organizations concerned about this? If so, we haven't yet heard from them. And of course, 90% of the people complaining about this absurd covid relief bill will vote for their incumbent Congressional representatives.