ZOA on Biden Apointee, Kristen Clarke

As Joe Biden gets ready to assume the presidency, we at MJAC wonder what his criteria are for his staff picks. For example, here is some of the information ZOA has gathered about his pick, Kristen Clarke, for Asst. Attorney General for Civil Rights Division:

(3) Clarke Promoted the Anti-Israel “#JusticeDelegation” and Condemned Israel for Barring Entry of Vicious Anti-Israel BDS Promoters: In a tweet on May 1, 2018, Clarke condemned Israel for prohibiting JVP-aligned CCR Board member Katherine Franke and CCR Executive Director Vince Warren from entering Israel to attend CCR’s anti-Israel, pro-terror, so-called “#Justice Delegation.”
Katherine Franke’s long record of Israel-bashing includes calling Israel’s re-establishment the “Nakba” (catastrophe); repeatedly promoting academic and cultural boycotts of Israel; tweeting “solidarity” with the Hamas rioters who tried to breach the Gaza border to murder innocent Israelis; and promoting and “justifying” anti-Israel violence. Franke tweeted that “Palestinian resistance 2 Israeli policy isn’t ‘Islamic terrorism’ – it’s anti-colonial resistance.”
CCR’s “Justice Delegation” to Israel consisted of meeting with and promoting front groups for designated foreign terror organization PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine) including Addameer and Al Haq; Hamas front groups including the so-called Palestine Center for Human Rights, and other phony “human rights” organizations dedicated to demonizing and destroying Jews and Israel, lawfare and BDS. (See JusticeDelegation details.)
Yet, preposterously and frighteningly, Ms. Clarke’s tweet portrayed Franke and CCR director as “civil rights lawyers . . . penalized for their work to promote justice.”
Ms. Clarke’s anti-Israel views of “civil rights” and “justice” render her unfit for a position that calls upon her to protect the civil rights of American pro-Israel and Jewish individuals who are harassed, discriminated against,­­ and attacked.
Moreover, in still another hateful recent tweet on August 11, 2020 (discussed in item 10 below), Ms. Clarke joined with CCR to level incendiary false charges against Israel, ADL, and ADL’s American police training in Israel, and to call for the ADL to be canceled.

There are thirteen points of concern, all of them valid, each of which should disqualify Clarke from this position, and from any American government position.

Making things even worse:

In her August 11, 2020 tweet, Ms. Clarke also included a meme saying “ADL is not an ally to our movements. #DroptheADL”; called for ADL to be canceled from “our schools, coalitions and movements”; and linked to a joint letter signed by a “who’s who” of the worst anti-Israel hate groups (including CCR, JVP, Palestine Legal – all of which Ms. Clarke linked to in her tweet). The linked letter accused ADL of playing a “destructive role . . . in undermining struggles for justice,” based on a few occasions when ADL criticized antisemites such as Ilhan Omar. The linked letter also included an accompanying lengthy “primer” that demonized Israel and the ADL, including by accusing ADL of arranging for “deadly exchanges” in which “US and Israeli officials trade surveillance and suppression tactics and technology honed through both countries’ legacies of state violence against Black, brown, and native communities.”
In light of Ms. Clarke’s 8/11/20 “Drop the ADL” tweet and links, Ms. Clarke’s 5/1/18 tweet supporting CCR (item #3 above), and Ms. Clarke’s endorsement of Tony Martin’s hateful antisemitism (which included maligning ADL – item #1 above), it would be self-destructive to ADL, as well as harmful to the Jewish community and all Americans, for ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt to continue to support Ms. Clarke’s nomination.
ZOA accordingly urges ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt to retract his tweet praising Jew-hating racist Clarke saying “We [ADL] are equally pleased that our partner @KristenClarkeJD has been nominated,” and to join ZOA in calling for withdrawal of Ms. Clarke’s nomination.

We don't think Jonathan Greenblatt will retract his praise for Clarke. The ADL has proven itself unwilling to call out anti-Semitism when it is not politically convenient to do so. The ADL seems intent on making things worse for Jews, or at least not trying to make things better.

You'd better pay attention to ZOA and to the people Biden is picking. Biden's appointees most likely do not have our interests, as Americans or as Jews, at heart. The ADL can't be bothered. They're too busy trying to gain favor from people who hate them and who hate Jews.

Jonathan Tobin has written an excellent piece on Clarke here.

Rather than make amends for her stand in favor of Mallory, Clarke doubled down on it telling the newspaper, “The marginalization of women of color is a threat to disrupt democracy, and what led me to join that letter was a grave concern about seeing another woman of color marginalized and silenced. Let me be clear, I denounce anti-Semitism wherever and whenever it shows up.”
But the first part of that statement gives the lie to the last part. Given an opportunity to “denounce anti-Semitism,” Clarke chose not to since it was less important than defending “women of color,” even if they were guilty of promoting hate.
This means the person that Biden is trusting with the nation’s civil-rights policy thinks anti-Semitism is bad unless it involves people “of color,” who are political allies. Mallory was forced out of the Women’s March over her anti-Semitism. She is now heading a different group called Until Freedom, which has taken the lead in promoting the case of Breonna Taylor, an African-American woman killed during a police raid in her Louisville home. Thus, as a prominent leader in the Black Lives Matter movement, Clarke regards Mallory as exempt from scrutiny.

Go read the whole thing.

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