Yes, the Women's March is Still Anti-Semitic

From Mellisa Langsam Braunstein at The Federalist on the Women's March:

There’s also Samia Assed, a board member from the Albuquerque Center for Peace and Justice. Assed, who has now locked her Twitter account, tweeted as recently as April that she doesn’t “believe in how Israel exists now” and approvingly quote-tweeted a comment that “Israel = worse than the devil.”
Charlene Carruthers, the founding national director of BYP100 (Black Youth Project 100), has a problematic history too. She has repeatedly tweeted favorably about Farrakhan, has asserted that “Jerusalem should not be listed as being in Israel,” advocated for tuition-paid community college instead of (or in addition to?) the “billions” Carruthers says we give “Israel to fund apartheid,” cited the “righteous fight for BDS,” and complained about Rep. Ayanna Pressley voting for the House’s anti-boycott divestment sanctions resolution this year, possibly unaware that Pressley also co-sponsored Rep. Ilhan Omar’s pro-BDS resolution.
As for the new Jewish members, one is Ginna Green, chief strategy officer of Bend the Arc: Jewish Action. Readers may recall that amidst the fury over antisemitism before January’s march, Ellie Bufkin and this writer contacted Women’s March partners. At the time, Green told The Federalist through a public relations representative, “We affirm our participation, and remain focused on the threat that unites us all: a growing white nationalist movement, emboldened and embodied by this President and his enablers in Congress.”

It's not individual members who are bigoted. It's the entire organization that's poison. It can't be reformed. It's leaders aren't interested.

Hey, Jewish women, if you haven't already done so, dump the Women's March.