What they mean when they say Israel’s “policies,” by Jack Engelhard

We know that today's anti-Semites refer to themselves as "anti-Zionists." They love Jews and Judaism, and they hate anti-Semitism. We know they're lying because they try to separate Zionism from Judaism. What they really love are Jews they can lord over and step on, Jews that they can use as all-occasion scapegoats. Strong Jews and a strong Jewish nation are a threat.

A lot of Jews don't understand or don't want to understand. Jack Engelhard gets it though:

Let’s not kid ourselves, the only “policy” that’s kept Netanyahu in office all these years is his commitment to stand tall for Israel and his refusal to bend.to the whims of the antisemitic world. Yes, antisemitic. There is no other word. Nothing more precise has come along since that man Wilhem Marr.  
Netanyahu’s big flaw, to their eyes?
He has refused to relinquish Jewish territory, despite those eight years of an unfriendly Obama, and despite a perpetually hostile UN -- and that is what rankles them out there who want Israel diminished and ripe for the taking. More to their liking were some previous prime ministers who were ready to make concessions that would cut Israel to pieces.
These were prime ministers who offered away practically all of Judea and Samaria, plus Jerusalem, and one who actually gave away Gaza, to Israel’s everlasting pain.
Those they term as good policies. The more harmful to Israel, so much the better. They would not put it that way, of course.

A strong Jewish nation even threatens some Jews. It has Bernie Sanders shaking in his Israel hating, "Socialism for thee but not for me" boots.