WATCH: The ADL Explains Why it Won’t Touch Islamic Jew-Hatred

From the Americans for Peace and Tolerance website:

The ADL refuses to educate America about its stunning findings on the extent of Islamic Jew-hatred, including in American Muslim communities

A massive ADL study found that Jew-hatred in the Muslim world — including in Muslim American communities — is far worse that the anti-Semitism harbored by all other ethnic and religious groups. Yet it refuses to educate America and even its own constituency — American Jews — about this finding.

This truth — and all of the data the ADL uncovered validating it — flies in the face of the ADL’s strategy to remain a cornerstone institution of the new American left which believes that since Arabs and Muslims are dark-skinned, “oppressed,” non-Western foreigners, then revealing the risk their beliefs pose to Jews is taboo.

Read the entire page. It's not that long. Watch the videos.

Here is Charles Jacobs explaining the ADL's reluctance to call out Islamic Jew hatred.

Oh, and here is the ADL's study on anti-Semitism. It was done in 2014, but it's still valid. Chances are they won't be doing any more of these unless they're certain the results point to white supremacy.