Victor Rosenthal – Seminary of Fools

A few days ago, we repeated a post. It was this one by Gil Troy concerned with the anti-Israel education rabbinical students are receiving at their seminaries. It's not bad enough that university campuses are using the cover of "anti-Zionism" to engage in anti-Semitic harassment of Jewish students, that the major news organizations barely try to hide their anti-Israel bias any more, or that we have congressional representative who are proud, unapologetic Israel-haters who opening cavort with Jew-haters.

Now rabbis are being taught to hate Israel too. We have a new generation of rabbis who will side with Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Linda Sarsour, and David Duke on Israel. And they will claim to do so based on Jewish values. Some of these mis-taught rabbis already have pulpits.

Victor Rosenthal, in this piece, takes Conservative rabbinical seminaries to task for teaching students to do as many Reform rabbis are already doing, putting their politics ahead of their Judaism:

The students suggest that their universalist ethic, in which “human rights for all people,” including people whose greatest desire is to conquer our country and kill or disperse its Jewish residents, represents the “values of Jewish tradition.” But surely personal and collective survival, pikuach nefesh, has a higher priority in Jewish tradition than the aspirations of our enemies.
In addition to their divergence from traditional Jewish ethical principles, these future rabbis fail to understand, or they deny, the importance of the relationship between Hashem, the Jewish people, and the Land of Israel that I see as the single most important theme in the Torah.
This is not the first time Conservative rabbinical students have displayed their ignorance and arrogance. In 2017, thirteen students (some whose names also appear on the more recent letter), wrote a similar letter opposing the historic decision of President Trump to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. I won’t bother to quote it, but it is based on the same virtue-signaling misapprehension of Jewish values.
This phenomenon is partially a result of the attitude that “anything Trump or Bibi likes must be bad,” but it is a lot more than that. Their un-Jewish, I would even say anti-Jewish, morality is identical with the Tikkunism that has become the official philosophy of the Reform movement.

We're not sure when Trump-hatred became a Jewish value, but in the end it will only end up dividing and hurting Jews. We urge these rabbis to forget politics and return to Judaism. This includes supporting Israel, the world's only Jewish-majority nation, and the one guaranteed refuge we have. It will do us all good.