A still from Plame's campaign video

Chances are if elected, Valerie Plame will join "the squad." At least when it comes to Israel.

Don't know what I'm talking about? You mean you haven't heard? Valerie Plame is running for Congress in New Mexico. But she's taking a page from the Elizabeth Warren/AOC playbook. While Warren claimed Native American ancestry, AOC gushed for a moment about possible Jewish roots. Certain groups see that pretend ancestry as license to slander Israel.

US congressional candidate Valerie Plame, who once tweeted antisemitic conspiracy theories blaming American Jews for causing America’s wars, now claims to be of Ukrainian Jewish descent in a new campaign video. The snazzy new spot shows someone driving backwards in a sports car, while the candidate recalls that she was once an “undercover CIA operative,” whose identity was leaked.

Sure, I believe she's got Jewish ancestry. Why she must be at least 1/1024th Jewish. And some of her best friends are probably Jewish too. I can see them meeting for lunch on Yom Kippur.

Her anti-Semitism? Oh, she's got more than enough excuses to mollify the staunchest Bernie Sanders fan. As for Jews who really care about Jews and our place in the world, this is another election that bears watching.

Now Plame is trying to whitewash the issue again with her video claiming to be related to Jews. “I come from Ukrainian Jewish immigrants,” her new campaign video claims. It’s unclear why someone who now takes pride in their Ukrainian Jewish background would ever tweet an article headlined “America’s Jews are driving America’s wars.” Like Plame’s claim, some of my ancestors came from Ukraine. If your ancestors came from Ukraine then wouldn’t you be particularly sensitive to conspiracies like the Elders of Zion that claim Jews cause wars? Plame doesn’t seem to have internalized how horrid her tweet was, blaming a small American minority group, rather than the majority, for America’s wars. Plame has never explained it. She’s never really apologized or even shown an interest in listening to Jews concerned about it. She’s tried at every juncture to add a new excuse, from pretending it was a re-tweet, which it wasn’t, to asking people to put aside the headline and read it, to telling people to “calm down,” as if being offended is the problem.

Changes don't happen over night. They take time. If Plame gets into Congress, there will be one more voice raised against us.