U of M Story Spreads

A few days ago, we reported the story about a Jewish University of Michigan student being subjected to a Soviet-style show trial complete with a forced confession due to some truthful statements he made as a high school student. The statements were about Palestinians. Apparently what he said ran afoul of the anti-Israel, Judeophobic student authorities.

“I think the Palestinian people, with rejecting constant peace deals, with their financing of terror, with their raising kids to hate people purely because of their religion. I don’t think that people deserve a state at this point in time. Until we see a significant change in the Palestinian mentality and a significant change in the Palestinian leadership, I don’t think they deserve a state at this point.”

The reason some students are so outraged is because the statements are absolutely true. But apparently at U of M, facts do care about your feelings if you're an Israel-hater.

According to the story at the Algemeiner:

Hillel Executive Director Tilly Shames told JNS, “We were sorry to see Ben Gerstein, student body president and active Jewish student, condemned in such a public manner. We are supporting him during this difficult time.”
She said that “Michigan Hillel is a leader in working with students to proactively bring Israel to campus and address challenging anti-Israel moments. Whether it’s leading efforts to oppose divestment resolutions, supporting students targeted on campus for their support of Israel, taking diverse student leaders to Israel, or offering opportunities to engage with Israel in positive ways, Hillel is the central address on campus for our students’ Israel needs.”

Wow! Powerful words from Hillel's Tilly Shames. . . Well, maybe "powerful" isn't quite the right word. What's a good word for "weak?"

From Elder of Ziyon:

The resolution calls his words "Islamophobic." Yet Gerstein didn't once mention or imply anything about Islam or Muslims. The resolution calls his words "racist." Gerstein certainly described Palestinian mentality - but his description was entirely correct based on well-respected polls done by Palestinians themselves. There is no rule in international law that every people, especially a people who did not identify as such until the 1960s, deserve a state automatically. Surveys consistently show that Palestinians are always in the top three of peoples who are antisemitic. Their rejection of peace deals is a matter of record. Their support of violence has hovered in the 50% range when asked that question in the abstract, but when they are asked if they support specific acts of murdering Jews they have been consistently supportive by a large margin. Gerstein's words were 100% accurate. It is not racist to point out that during the "knife intifada" in 2015, 80% of Palestinians supported stabbing and running over Israeli Jews in cars and a huge number were angry at Mahmoud Abbas for condemning the murder of four rabbis in 2014.

The truth is now forbidden at U of M because it is "Islamophobic."

Meanwhile, are the liars and hypocrites who whine about their own safety, humanity, basic human rights, and being targeted, still holding "Israeli Aparthied Week?"