Trending: American Jewry as ‘nokhschleppers,’ by ZAHAVA ENGLARD SHAPIRO

It is ironic. As the majority of American Jews continue to distance themselves from the tribe, I find that the most appropriate way to describe them is by using Yiddish terminology. The English language simply does not provide a fitting term that conveys the intrinsic nature of their behavior.
Nokhschleppers are people who tag along where it is clear that they are not wanted. They are either too stupid to too desperate to take a hint.
So it is for most Jews these days in America—the ordinary folk, as well as the leadership. Rather than have self-respect, and stand strong against Jew-hatred, they declare their support and align themselves with anti-Jew organizations such as Black Lives Matter, as well as with anti-Jew politicians. It is a pathetic and desperate attempt to curry favor with the very people who not only scorn them, but also incite pogroms and support virulent anti-Israel measures.

What's happened to American Jewry? Our grandparents and great-grandparents fled the very types of government that current Jewish leaders are helping to recreate. And if they are successful, these new dictatorships will not be kind to Jews, especially to the Jews who helped them gain power.

I don't want to question any Jew's commitment to Judaism. But it does seem that quite a number of Jews who insist on their strong Jewish ties like to play the "as a Jew" card when it comes to supporting non-Jewish causes and organizations that are either overtly or covertly anti-Jewish. And some of these organizations are openly hostile to the United States and Western Civilization. They do want to dismantle the system. It's replacement would not be pretty.

Moreover, it is almost comical how leaders of a Jewish community in Los Angeles, for example, proclaimed their support for Black Lives Matter, while at the same time scurrying to hide their Torah scrolls from BLM “protesters” targeting Jewish communities and synagogues, destroying property and leaving graffiti that spewed hatred for Israel. Yes, almost comical. It is actually sad and pathetic.
Hundreds of American-Jewish organizations and synagogues across the board are ignoring the Jew-hating platform of BLM, and have declared their support for the movement. In addition, to further show their self-contempt and absence of Jewish pride and loyalty, they join the many Jew-hating politicians of the Democratic Party and support all anti-Israel efforts. Now they really can be one of the boys. So they think.

We've been through this before. We know that, and all Jews, no matter how strong or tenuous their attachment to Judaism is, should know better.