Too many American Jews are turning a blind eye to Antisemitism, by Jerrold L. Sobel

We've posted articles like this one before. Too many Jews and Jewish organizations are willing to ignore or excuse the worst anti-Semitism if it's coming from a person or organization that can't be associated with Donald Trump, Proud Boys, or any other right - wing boogie man.

This was just another article in that vein until:

This past December, a black man named Grafton Thomas crashed a Hannukah party at the house of Rabbi Chaim Rottenberg in Monsey, New York. Brandishing a butcher knife, he immediately began stabbing five people, one of whom, Rabbi Josef Newmann, succumbed to his injuries. Investigators found handwritten journals expressing antisemitic views, including material about Adolf Hitler, "Nazi culture", and drawings of a Star of David and of a swastika among Thomas's possessions.
With so much evidence of it being a hate crime and over a hundred guests at the party recognizing him as the assailant, you would think it was a slam dunk case. Guess again. This past April 20th, a federal judge ruled Grafton was incompetent to stand trial and ordered him to be hospitalized in a mental facility. He certainly was competent enough to research Nazi culture, cross state lines, seek out the Rabbi’s address, and commit murder, but not enough to stand trial. This dastardly event came on the heels of a 30 year old Hassidic kollel student was stabbed multiple times on his way to Synagogue in Ramapo, New York, two months earlier.

A judge declares a Jew killer incompetent to stand trial. Where have we seen that before? If we've been paying attention, we should recall that a French court decided that Sarah Halimi's killer was declared "not criminally responsible" for Halimi's murder.

Hundreds of French Jews and their supporters rallied in Paris on Sunday calling for justice for murdered Jewish woman Sarah Halimi, after a court of appeal ruled last month that her attacker was "not criminally responsible" for his actions.  Ms Halimi, 65, was brutally beaten and thrown out of the window of her apartment in Paris on April 4, 2017, by Kobili Traoré, who lived in the same building as Halimi.

According to the French court, there were mitigating circumstances:

In a hearing months after the fatal assault, investigating judges decided that Traoré’s actions were anti-Semitic in nature. But last July, several psychiatric assessments concluded that Traoré had suffered a psychotic episode after a massive use of cannabis. However, they failed to concur on whether Traoré was fully aware of his actions. The investigating judges reversed their decision, saying anti-Semitism was not a factor.

even though:

Georges Halimi, another of the victim’s brothers, told FRANCE 24 in 2017 that his sister and her daughter were often insulted in their building, and that his sister’s neighbour and his family would spit on the ground when she passed by.

The situation for Jews is much worse in France than it is in the United States. Many French Jews have been making Aliyah.

As things get worse for Jews in the United States, part of the blame lies at the feet of Jewish organizations that have become politicized mouthpieces for trendy "progressive" causes while ignoring Jewish concerns and their original missions.