The Things One Can Learn

I probably spend too much time online reading depressing articles about rising anti-Semitism, lax responses from Jewish leaders, and the rise of Jews whose only use for their Judaism is to use it as a weapon against Jews and Israel. If I have time, I'll write about that last group. In the Soviet Union they were known as "non-Jewish Jews."

But with all of this reading, I like to think that I learn things occasionally and that I can spread that education here on the MJAC blog.

With that in mind there are two articles I would like to bring to your attention. The first is by Ron Jager, and it's called, Putting US Jewry on notice.

The second one is by our old friend Daniel Greenfield. It's called Why a Jewish Democrat Mayor Praised Trump for Standing Up to Anti-Semitism.

The Jager article calls American Jews to account for their support of President Trump's impeachment and their slow response to the rise of real anti-Semitism that has nothing to do with President Trump. Greenfield's article is on Jewish Jersey politicians who are telling the truth about rising anti-Semitism, most notably the recent attack on the Jersey City kosher supermarket.

A couple of paragraphs from each article captured my attention.

From Jager:

At the same time, US Jews got a slap in the face reminding them of how the antisemitic coalition has expanded to both sides of the aisle. NAACP of Passaic, NJ, has turned the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, into an excuse for antisemitism. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)'s Passaic, N.J. Branch on Wednesday published a Facebook post claiming that African-Americans "are dying so that Jews can live." In the post, NAACP Passaic shared a article titled "Israel gets $50 billion while America cannot afford clean water for Flint." The article focuses on the town of Flint, Michigan, which has been "terribly affected by the presence of contaminants in their drinking water and yet the people who live there have not been deemed worthy of federal funding. ”It claims that the Democrats have tried to push to give $400m to Flint for "the worst public health crisis the United States has endured in recent memory," but were rebuffed by Republicans. It then claimed Israel had "demanded" the US increase its budget to $50 billion." All fabricated lies against Israel and its supporters; conservative American Jews.

I already knew about this post. I'd found it and read it and wondered about the lack of reaction from national NAACP officials. And I'm not sure that the ADL or any other Jewish organization has had anything to say about it. Someone please let me know if I've overlooked any relevant statements.

From Greenfield:

The Murphy administration had recently encountered its own anti-Semitism scandal when it hired Passaic NAACP President Jeffrey Dye to work for the Department of Labor & Workforce Development. Aside from an extensive criminal record covering drugs, assaulting his own brother, and police officers, Dye spent his time praising Farrakhan and spewing anti-Semitism.
When a reporter contacted him about his case, Dye had retorted, “I don’t talk to f____ Jews.”
Governor Murphy stonewalled questions about Dye’s hiring and failed to specifically condemn his anti-Semitism. Assemblyman Gary Schaer had warned the Murphy administration against hiring Dye. And described his hiring as "frightening at best." He noted, "Why he was hired, I can only imagine."
Murphy’s running mate, Lt. Governor Sheila Oliver had refused to vote for an anti-BDS bill.
Anti-Semitic events in New Jersey had been up 32% even before the Jersey City shootings. Like his proggie counterpart in New York City, Murphy has done nothing except wave the question away.

I had a vague recollection of some of this. After some googling, I found that this episode happened way back in August.

So we can see that this is not a recent New Jersey issue. It's been festering and building. And outside of a few brave souls, New Jersey Democrats don't want to touch this. Like Rashida Tlaib, they're only interested if they can pin the anti-Semitism on white supremacists.

The trouble is, this rush to blame it all on white supremacists is enabling and emboldening all of the other Jew haters whom progressives have been working hard to ignore. These New Jersey events though do not feature the Left's favorite boogie men, white supremacists. Reality has a way of intruding on comforting narratives. It doesn't care about your feelings or your facts.