The Radicals Turn on Ilhan Omar, by Harry Onickel

This is an incident that came and went quickly. In the grand scheme of American politics it might not even count for much. It does however show the danger of not marching in lockstep with the hate mongers, especially the Jew-hating hate mongers. Their hatred never sleeps.

Ilhan Omar, along with 391 representatives, signed on to a Congressional letter that had the approval of AIPAC. Outrage was quick and predictable.

The Arab American News, while expressing its disappointment at Omar siding with “the powerful Israel lobby AIPAC,” printed a reasonable and honest assessment of the arms embargo and Omar’s stated rationale for signing the letter.
But on Twitter, Arab American News publisher Osama Siblani tweeted accusations against Omar for betraying “our trust and home in her. She sold her soul and principals [sic] to AIPAC and those who despise us and her.”
Another critic hit her with “It’s all about the Benjamin’s [sic]” and accused her of “being under the spell of @AIPAC.”
At least one critic was honest. In a short thread, she admitted: “If it’s backed by AIPAC it’s a no-go.”

Maybe she was trying to mollify her Jewish constituents whom she stabbed in the back with her pre-election lie about not supporting BDS. Rashida Tlaib didn't sign the letter. But she is in a safe district and will be re-elected over and over until she decides to retire.

This will all be forgotten by the November elections. But it shows the mentality of the people attacking Omar on her signing of the letter, whether on not her signature was based on principle or on pandering.