The Predicament of Liberal American Jews | Opinion, by Caroline Glick

Sane voices are being forced out of our mainstream media at an alarming rate. They're being replaced by "activists," that is, writers who see their job as indoctrinating rather than informing the reader. They only report the truth when it advances their political agenda. Otherwise, they're fine with lying or gaslighting.

One of the remaining sane voices is Caroline Glick. She discusses Peter Beinart and Bari Weiss at the New York Times in her recent Newsweek column. Newsweek seems to be one of the few mainstream outlets for dissenting voices these days.

Beinart's declaration that he has joined the jackals came as no surprise to those who had been paying attention. For the past decade, Beinart has been arguing that Israel's right to exist is contingent on its willingness to satisfy his American Jewish preferences. In his Times article, Beinart proclaimed that Israel is not delivering the goods. So as far as he is concerned, Israel needs to stop existing.
Beinart's advocacy of Israel's demise is significant not so much for what it says about American Jewish views of Israel (80 percent of American Jews support Israel and two-thirds feel an emotional attachment to the Jewish state), but for what it says about the political Left's view of Israel—and of Jews.
This is the case because for the better part of the past decade, Beinart has served as a weathervane of leftist opinion on Israel and Jews, and as a fig leaf for leftist anti-Semitism.

Yes, Glick gives Beinart what he deserves, but she also makes some good points about Weiss.

But Weiss' criticism of Obama was rare, apologetic and mild. And she gave a pass to other Democratic leaders. Weiss described progressive anti-Semitism as real and dangerous, but she tread cautiously around the big fish.
Weiss' rush to present Trump as the enabler-in-chief of white nationalist anti-Semitism and her careful, almost clinical description of anti-Semitism in her own political camp, was an expression of the bargain she sought to strike with the Left.
Weiss' letter of resignation, replete with its description of the anti-Semitic ostracism she suffered at the hands of her progressive colleagues at the Left's newspaper of record, makes clear that she had no partner for her bargain. Today, the American Left is not interested in making any deals; not with her, and not with the liberal Jews she emblemizes. The modern American Left is not willing to combat or disavow anti-Semitism of any kind, unless it can be attributed to Donald J. Trump, Public Enemy Number One.

My only question about Weiss is whether or not she's learned anything about the current "progressive" point of view; the fact that it allows no dissent, even from liberals.

Kudos to Newsweek for publishing Caroline Glick. I hope Newsweek editors have enough spine and intelligence to continue publishing dissenting voices.