The Los Angeles Pogrom That No Jewish Organization Will Talk About, by Daniel Greenfield

We know that many of our Jewish organizations are doing very little by the way of actually working to support Jews and Jewish life in America. We also know that Jewish businesses and synagogues were attacked, vandalized, and/or looted in the recent Los Angeles riots. Now we know that Los Angeles organizations suffer from the same problem our local Detroit area suffer from.

From Daniel Greenfield:

While a few national organizations condemned the "F___ Israel" and "Free Palestine" graffiti on one synagogue, that has been the extent of it. Not only the Reform and Conservative movements, but the Modern Orthodox movements have largely remained silent about the defacement of synagogues and the destruction of Jewish businesses. The OU press office put out a release which mentions racism four times and the vandalized synagogues and businesses not at all.
The Rabbinical Council of America put out a press release describing Floyd's death as a "murder" while claiming to "stand together with all who fight racism, bigotry and hatred." Perhaps the RCA could also take a minute to stand with their Jewish brethren.
Major synagogues in the Los Angeles area have piously condemned racism, but not the hatred that defaced synagogues and schools. Many of those synagogues belonged to people from outside their community, but their solidarity, which reaches to a dead ex-con in Minneapolis, can't seem to stretch far enough to touch the Moroccan and Haredi Jews who suffered in the riots.

Are we Jews allowed to stand up for ourselves? Or must we join the group think that only condemns certain bigotries? Don't forget, at some point, they always come for the Jews.