Bari Weiss' leaving the New York Times is now old news. Her walking away probably hasn't caused any changes or any understanding of the forced ideological conformity at the paper. I'd be willing to bet that the young employees currently leading the Times' cultural revolution were glad to see her go and are now consolidating power.

Bari Weiss was not however the only journalistic thought criminal to feel the mob's wrath. Melanie Phillips, an unapologetic Jew who has taken a strong a stance against anti-Semitism and for Western civilization for years has also had to face down the new censors. Being British, she's had to face much more vicious attacks than have been visited upon Weiss. The situation for British Jews is much uglier than it is in the U.S. - currently.

What really horrified people was Weiss’s description of the way she was victimized by her colleagues for challenging the paper’s group-think. They singled her out for her support for Israel as a Jew, calling her “a Nazi and a racist.” She said she “learned to brush off comments about how I’m ‘writing about the Jews again’.”
I myself wasn’t shocked by any of this because of my own experiences over many years. In the 1980s and ’90s, as a writer on Britain’s left-wing papers The Guardian and Observer, I rebelled against their orthodoxies over issues such as education, family breakdown or multiculturalism. The reaction was so poisonous I eventually felt forced to leave.
Colleagues suggested to my face that my support for Israel (a country I had never even visited at that stage) meant I was no longer really British. Other journalists talked offensively about my Jewishness behind my back.
The venomous hatred of Israel on the left and their targeting of any Jew who stands up for it run rampant in Britain and America. Intersectionality has lined up the Jews with capitalist oppression and, as we have seen over the past few weeks, “white privilege.”

But wait! It gets worse!

It’s an unfortunate fact that, by and large, left-wing groups don’t want me to address them. They refuse to engage with my arguments, claiming instead that my views about various issues should exclude me from any platform.
These apparently unacceptable views include not just my uncompromising defense of Israel but my championing of the traditional married family over “lifestyle choice,” my skepticism over man-made global-warming theory, and my defense of a nation and culture based on core western values.
Even worse, though, is that it hasn’t just been Jews on the left who have taken this “canceling” position. It’s also been some supposedly nonpartisan pro-Israel groups, and even some whose members overwhelmingly voted Republican; while still others have simply been too terrified of giving a platform to any view that might upset anyone.

Too many Jews today have trembling knees. With all of the pressure being applied against us to bow to the current anti-Israel, anti-Jewish, anti-freedom, anti-Western Civilization dogma, it's not easy to stand tall, but that is what we must do, and do it together, if we're going to successfully battle the mob.

Bari Weiss will rise again, and Melanie Phillips will continue her defense of Western values. We can't let them fight alone.