The Arrogance and Ignorance of Tikkunist Jews, by Victor Rosenthal

Victor Rosenthal, or as he call himself online "Abu Yehuda" has been standing up for Jews and Israel for years. His columns are reprinted around the pro-Israel portion of the Internet including by Elder of Ziyon.

Recently we had a "Close the Camps" rally and counter rally at the Holocaust Center in Farmington. "Tikkunist Jews" as Rosenthal refers to them have decided, along with historically ignorant dolts like AOC that the detention camps on our southern border are akin to the Nazis' concentration camps. Some of us know better, and decided to face the Tikkunists.

Rosenthal also takes issue with their degradation and trivialization of Judaism:

What they do not have a right to do, what I find infuriating, what exemplifies their arrogance and lack of respect for personal boundaries, is to insist (“this is personal for the Jewish community … this is a deeply Jewish thing to do”) that they speak in the name of all Jews and Judaism.
Of course they do not speak for “the Jewish community!” Who gave them that right? There is no reason they should not demonstrate – as progressives, as Democrats, as concerned Americans. But not as Jews.
There is also their misuse of the Holocaust metaphor. Seriously, is temporarily detaining illegal border crossers and asylum seekers anything like shooting and gassing millions of people because they are Jews? Are they ignorant enough to think so? As the saying goes, “if everything is the Holocaust, then nothing is the Holocaust.”
It’s not as though they don’t understand what it is to transgress personal boundaries. “Not in my Name” is a popular slogan for left-wing Jews calling for Israel to withdraw from Judea/Samaria or to remove the partial blockade of Gaza. It bothers them when the government of Israel acts as if in the name of the Jewish people. But they seem to have no problem with themselves speaking in the names of others. Why?

They are Judaism's spoiled children. They have to make up the rules, and they will throw tantrums until they get their way. They're easily led. Watch them jump from leftist cause to leftist cause as each new one is highlighted by the New York Times, the Washington Post, and NPR.

Sadly though:

In the past decade or so, the leadership of the Reform Movement, its membership eroding, has consciously chosen to adopt Tikkunism as a way of generating excitement and commitment from its members. In today’s politically charged America, it may be a good strategy; but it takes the movement even farther from traditional Judaism.
And the Tikkunist ritual of self-justification is insensitive, insulting, and offensive to those who do practice Judaism.

This does not bode well for the Reform movement or for Judaism.