The Arab American News Doesn't Like Joe Biden

You may have read our previous post on Joe Biden: Israel's Fake 'Friend.' Based on a FrontPageMag article by John Perazzo, Biden doesn't always mean what he says about Israel. While claiming to be a friend, he, especially while acting as Barack Obama's vice president, helped stab Israel in the back.

The Arab American News, in an article by Ramzy Baroud has been focusing on Biden's words much more than Biden's actions, and they object to those words in an article by Baroud called: ‘Zionist’ Biden in his own words: ‘My name is Joe Biden, and everybody knows I love Israel.’

“I am a Zionist. You don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist,” current Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden, said in April 2007, soon before he was chosen to be Barack Obama’s running mate in the 2008 elections.

See what I mean? Words. The AAN staff was probably cheering his back-stabbing too hard to remember that his words didn't always match his actions. Or maybe his actions weren't anti-Israel enough, as Israel is still there and stronger than ever.

They much prefer the previous Democratic frontrunner.

Sanders, on the other hand, came to represent the antithesis of Trump’s blind and reckless support for Israel. Himself Jewish, Sanders has promised to restore to the Palestinian people their rights and dignity, and to play a more even-handed role, thus ending decades of U.S. unconditional support and bias in favor of Israel.

Israel haters across the nation have finally found a Jew they can believe in.

Biden’s fiery speech before the pro-Israel lobby group AIPAC, at their annual conference in March, was a mere continuation of a long legacy that is predicated on his country’s blind support for Israel.
Biden’s discourse on Israel a mixture of confused ideological notions, religious ideas and political interests culminated in a call for American support for Israel that is “above politics and beyond politics.”
“Israelis wake up every morning facing an existential threat from their neighbors’ rockets from Gaza, just like this past week… That’s why I’ve always been adamant that Israel must be able to defend itself. It’s not just critical for Israeli security. I believe it’s critical for America’s security.”
Palestinians “need to end the rocket attacks from Gaza,” Biden also said. “They need to accept once and for all the reality and the right of a secure democratic and Jewish state of Israel in the Middle East.”

What Biden said above is absolutely correct of course; more reasons for hatred from the haters. But does Biden really mean it, or is he just trying to make sure he has the Jewish vote locked up? This is the question neither Ramzy Baroud nor the AAN have thought to ask.

It's hard for one to make important political distinctions when one can't see past one's own hatred.