The Anti-Defamation League ‘Has Become A Fraud’ . . . BY ANDREW HARROD

Maybe you missed the March 10 Zoom webinar featuring Charles Jacobs, William A. Jacobson, and Jonathan S. Tobin discussing the failure of Jewish leadership. Maybe you were at the webinar but would like to do some review. Either way, we would like to direct you to this Jihad Watch article.

“The ADL has become a fraud,” wrote Jewish-American political activist Charles Jacobs, president of Americans for Peace and Tolerance (APT), in 2019 about the Anti-Defamation League. As he and others have documented, the ADL, the “biggest Jewish defense agency” against antisemitism, has in recent decades become the “biggest failure” as leftist biases among American Jews have perverted this core ADL mission.
Jacobs recently reviewed the ADL’s downfall and the need for new Jewish leadership in an APT webinar with his fellow conservative Jews William A. Jacobson and Jonathan S. Tobin. Jacobson, a Cornell University Law School professor, heads the Legal Insurrection Foundation. The political commentator Tobin edits the Jewish News Syndicate (JNS).
The “ADL advocates for the Democratic Party’s agenda items,” Jacobs wrote in 2014, and has made an “awful detour into universalism and partisan politics.” This reflects the historically left-leaning political sentiments of most American Jews. As the conservative Jewish political writer Seth Mandel noted in 2018, the “ADL has long supported abortion rights, which is not a ‘Jewish issue’ in any way.”

In addition to reading the article, you can watch or rewatch the webinar here. Or here. Or if you don't feel like abandoning MJAC for another site, watch it below.