The 2020 Election Has Been Terrible for the Jews, by Caroline Glick

70% or so of American Jews voted for Biden in spite of his record and the fact that anti-Semitism is becoming more acceptable in the Democratic Party. While there is still doubt as to the results, Biden is favored to win. Like it or not.

During Trump's four years in office, American Jews were subjected to a massacre and an attempted massacre carried out by white supremacists, who were indoctrinated by anti-Semitic conspiracy theories on the Internet. The more Trump voters are pushed out of the discourse and demonized, and the less they trust the news they see on TV and in the newspaper headlines, the more they will turn to conspiracy theorists. And as surely as night follows day, more Americans will become convinced that Jews are responsible for everything that is wrong in America.
This then brings us to the Biden camp. The Biden campaign announced that on Biden's first day in office, he will cancel Trump's executive order banning "critical race theory" (CRT)-based training in the federal government. Perhaps more than any single policy announcement, this should send shivers down the spines of American Jews. In 2019, Jews were subjected to a massacre and an attempted massacre carried out by black supremacists, who were steeped in anti-Semitism borne of critical race theory and like-minded claptrap.
CRT ascribes a basic malevolence and inborn racism to all white people. In CRT training, through various indoctrination seminars and rules, whites are coerced to disavow their "white privilege" and thereby make the United States, birthed in the original sin of slavery, less sinful and evil.
Progressives, for whom CRT is an article of faith, view politics as a zero-sum game. And that poses a problem. They know they will not be able to repress all white people. And most progressives are white, anyway. To advance their political goal of reorganizing American society around CRT, progressives need a stand-in for whites. By adopting programs against the avatar, they can advance their larger agenda without being noticed. Just as Obama demonized the "one percenters" to advance his socialist economic programs that harmed all wage earners and savers, progressives today need a white form of "one percenters" to advance their racial governing programs.
Enter the Jews. Since progressives have already determined that Jews are "white," Jews are the perfect nemesis for progressives. There aren't very many Jews. Jews are too weak in the Democratic Party to make progressives pay for their behavior. Many Jews want to be part of the progressive movement and can be depended on to serve as fig leaves. And Jews are fairly easy to identify and single out.

We're hoping that congressional Republicans stand up to Biden. We're also hoping that those 70% of Jews and the Jewish organizations they support stop whitewashing and excusing the creeping Jew-hatred entering the Democratic mainstream, especially since they've just spent four years trying to make Donald Trump into Hitler, just as they did with G. Bush.

On the other hand, governing by executive order is way too common and not quite in line with our constitution's separation of powers. Even if your guy is the one signing the executive orders, you should fight against them.