Something is Rotten at the ADL

Yesterday we told you about some Jewish organizations and their questionable alliances. One of the alliances we objected to was between the JCPA and Al Sharpton.

But thanks to this Tablet article by Liel Leibovitz, we learned that things are actually much worse than we knew.

Why, then, is this unrepentant hater being supported by a major Jewish organization? Why, barely a year after a spree in which visibly observant Jews were violently attacked in record numbers, are Jewish organizations sidling up to kiss Sharpton's ring?
One might be inclined to rail against the JCPA—if, that is, you didn't understand that it's a meaningless umbrella organization for local JCRCs (Jewish Community Relations Councils), many of whom routinely ignore it. So where's the real power here? Who actually kashered Sharpton enough to send the signal to other, lesser organizations that it was OK to lend him their name and whatever credibility they might still be able to pretend they have?
Unbelievably, it was the ADL.

Yes, that ADL. We've written about the rot infecting the ADL, but again, it's worse than we knew.

Despite paying lip service to anti-Semitic violence from groups traditionally associated with the left—it was impossible not to, given the swelling of violent incidents involving Black assailants battering Jews in New York, hardly a stronghold of the Klan—Greenblatt continued to tether his group to the social media driven efforts of the #Resistance. In June, for example, he became one of the most vocal advocates calling on Facebook to censor pro-Trump political ads. The man he joined in this effort to stifle free speech and censor a business owned by Mark Zuckerberg, a successful Jewish entrepreneur? Al Sharpton.
Greenblatt’s decision to choose faddish politics over the less glittering work of keeping Jews safe is maddening enough. It’s even more infuriating that he failed; having made his odious moral decision, he then refused to even seek out the minorest price from Sharpton for bringing him back into the fold of acceptability—not even a simple apology that would at least telegraph a distaste for anti-Semitism to Sharpton’s many followers. Greenblatt couldn’t even muster that small gesture. A soulless and cynical political operative is one thing; a supine and ineffectual one is another.

The worst part about all of this is that in spite of Greenblatt's efforts to turn the ADL into a darling of the "progressive" Left, that Left is still blatantly anti-ADL. There is a concerted effort by "#Drop the ADL" to make them into an Israel-like pariah. We told you about that a few days ago.

It just might have something to do with the ADL's Jewishness, but I'm sure Greenblatt is working to excise that too.