Some People Who Support Bernie

I'm sure she thought she was being clever with this tweet:

Am I the only one who thinks it's patronizing?

According to Tamika Mallory, with whom Sarsour worked on the Women's March, white Jews uphold white supremacy. Sarsour's assertion of Israel being built on Jewish supremacy fits right into that stupid, David Duke-inspired charge. But Bernie might agree with Mallory and Sarsour. Obviously Sanders is their kind of Jew. And Bernie probably chuckled when he read that tweet. He'll trade the patronizing attitude for support.

Amer Zahr is another of Bernie's surrogates.

Bernie sure knows how to pick 'em. But who knows? Maybe Bernie approves of Rasmea Odeh too. The interesting thing about Zahr is that, as hateful as we already know he is, Petra Marquardt Bigman has uncovered some facts about Zahr that show his hypocrisy is even more outrageous than his hate. You can read part 1 of her report here.

Here is a bit of the report:

Given Zahr’s intense hatred for Israel, it’s hard to describe how stunned I was when the awesome kweansmom recently found out that Zahr has Israeli citizenship. Inevitably, this discovery also trains a spotlight on the truly breathtaking hypocrisy of Zahr’s anti-Israel activism, and it’s hardly surprising that the stories he likes to tell about the bitter “refugee” background of his family turn out to be not particularly truthful.
Since this post is based primarily on material shared on Facebook, it should be noted that all cited material is freely accessible at the time of this writing; the links I provide are to archived copies of Facebook posts so that I cannot be accused of making stuff up in case anything is deleted or access is restricted.
Let’s first look at how the Jordanian-born Zahr got Israeli citizenship. Ususally, Zahr claims that his parents were Palestinian “refugees” who were “driven from their birthplaces of Yafa and Akka by Israel.” Yet, as Zahr told The Jerusalem Post in an interview four years ago, he “comes to the Palestinian territories and Israel between one and three times annually” to perform his “comedic routines” – which also means that his BDS advocacy takes the form of “do as I say, not as I do.”
During one of his visits to Israel in 2015, Zahr  boasted on Facebook: “At Tel Aviv airport, Israeli security asked me, “What is the purpose of your visit?” I said, “What is the purpose of yours?” #colonizers”. Naturally, some of his followers then wondered why the evil Zionist entity would let him enter the country – after all, it would probably not be advisable to respond like this to a US border security official.
Zahr then explained: “i hold their passport.” When asked how he got “their passport,” Zahr responded: “israeli laws allow for the children of “israeli” mothers to be “naturalized” even if they are born abroad. my palestinian mother was born as an israeli citizen in akka after 1948. so even though i was born in jordan, i could get the passport.” He added sarcastically: “i’m sure that law was meant for cases like mine of course.” To which I’d like to add: I’m sure that Amer Zahr realizes that his relentless demonization of Israel is undermined by the fact that he could get an Israeli passport as the Jordanian-born son of an Arab-Israeli mother who left Israel as a child.

Don't forget that Zahr is an adjunct professor at U of D Mercy School of Law. Not that it would make any difference to Bernie, but it does make one wonder what he's teaching his students.

I'm also wondering: Is Bernie using them, or are they using Bernie?