‘Social Justice’ Rabbinic Students Betray the Jewish People in Time of War, by Aryeh Spero

This is by Rabbi Aryeh Spero, president of Conference of Jewish Affairs:

While the young men and women of Israel are putting their lives on the line defending their homes and family, here in America we have a very comfortable and self-indulgent group of rabbinical students verbally attacking Israel and giving moral support to the Hamas and Palestinian Arabs trying to destroy Israeli families. Most are from the Boston Hebrew College, the Reconstructionist Jewish Seminary, and Hebrew Union College, and are trying to influence world opinion against Israel, which enhances the ability of the terrorists to murder more Jews. Sitting in their protected ivory towers – never being forced into a draft for either the American or Israeli army – they announce with detached pontification how much better they are than those warmongering Israelis who man their tanks, pilot fighter bombers, and shoot bullets while soldiering forward. It is a despicable act of betrayal and cowardice and should not be construed as coming from people with a higher moral standard.

By now it is obvious that Hamas and other jihadists, unlike Israel, are not interested in peace and represent some of the most barbaric actions and attitudes, even to their own people – in contrast to Israel which tries exceedingly to defend itself in the most humane way possible. Alas, these rabbinical students are so immersed in self-righteousness and virtue signaling, so intoxicated by a feeling that they know better than those ‘morally inferior’ to them, they do not seem able to see the Jewish side of the conflict, rather identify totally with those who would gleefully murder their brothers and sisters, not because they are Israelis but precisely because they are Jews.

What they think is social justice is actually injustice, ignorance, and indifference to the plight of the Jewish people who they hope one day to lead. They are not to be admired for “idealism,” rather scorned for taking the easy way out and masking their cowardice in lofty sounding principles of “social justice.” In the leftwing world they inhabit, the act of courage would be to defy the intersectional “woke” campaign against Israel and, instead, defend her. But they have joined the bullies. They are marching among those who use “social justice” to cover their anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism. They boast of their ‘compassion,’ yet these rabbinic students support Hamas and other Islamist terrorist groups known for their cruelty.

These aspiring rabbinic leaders need to learn the first priority of a rabbi: to save Jewish life. The first mitzvah of the Torah is to ensure that Jews physically survive. When given two narratives, a rabbi should try to identify with Jewish destiny as opposed to trashing it in the name of universalism. As rabbis they need to know that settling the land of Israel represents God’s covenant with the Jewish people and is a commandment mentioned more often than any other.

Brotherhood and fairness are worthy quests; but virtue signaling and a sense of moral superiority over one’s own tribe in the name of universalism is condescending smugness. And taking the side during the time of war of those wishing to destroy your people is not a rabbinic quality, it is traitorous.

These are not individuals acting like shepherds over a flock, but rather like those sending the sheep into the jaws of the wolves.