SJP at U of M

From Sean Savage and Jackson Richman by way of Jewish News Syndicate:

Several pro-Israel groups are urging the University of Michigan to cancel an upcoming conference at the school that is featuring anti-Israel groups and speakers that “have a long record of vicious anti-Semitism,” according to Roz Rothstein, co-founder and CEO of StandWithUs.
The event, titled “2020 Youth for Palestine Conference” is slated to take place from Jan. 25-26 on the campus in Ann Arbor, Mich., and is being hosted by Midwest Students for Justice in Palestine, Palestinian Youth Movement and Students Allied for Freedom and Equality.
“The Students Supporting Israel (SSI) movement expects the University of Michigan to condemn and cancel such a hateful conference,” Ilan Sinelnikov, president and founder of the Israeli advocacy organization, told JNS.
He noted that several anti-Israel/anti-Semitic groups are involved in the event, and that, similar to other like-minded groups, have been spreading hateful messages on social media.

Some people have finally woken up and are acknowledging SJP's Jew-hatred. The Trump administration, unlike previous administrations, is fighting against antisemitism. In response, the SJP hate-mongers are trying to play victim, because, after all, the Jew-hater is always the victim. The Jew that they are punching in the face or stabbing in the back is the aggressor.

We are currently experiencing a time where Palestinian student groups are being attacked at every corner. Whereas it was once expected to be focus of school administrations or Zionist groups, we are at a point where even the President of the U.S’s executive orders are meant to silence student groups for Palestinian liberation and give the opposition grounds to defame us.

While pro-Israel groups are speaking up about this, has anyone heard anything from our local Jewish organizations? We at MJAC haven't heard a thing. Maybe somebody else has?