SHAKKED BEERY – Subconscious Bias & The Jewish Elephant

"Implicit bias" has become another one of those modern buzz words designed to make people of certain ethnicities denounce themselves as racists due to thoughts rattling around in their subconscious. Since these thoughts are in the subconscious, we aren't even aware that we are having these thoughts.

No matter.

We are still guilty. It's best to just admit it and move on to our next thought crime.

However . . .

When searching for references for the words “Implicit Bias” and “Jews” in academic research, I found that Jews were indeed included in the research of Implicit Bias, but I was early to rejoice. Jews appeared in the research as the privileged group, tested for bias towards Muslims. This is despite the fact that according to the same FBI statistics mentioned above, Jews are not listed in the report of offenders what so ever, and despite the fact Jews are submitted to far more hate crimes than Muslims in the US (14.5% of religious bias-motivated crime is anti-Islamic, while Muslims are 1.1% of the US total population). When it comes to academia in the US, Jews are always referred to as the oppressing group, regardless of the hate, hits, and victims they endure.

It is impossible for anyone who has been paying attention to be surprised by this. Outraged, yes. Surprised, no.

Obviously, the point here is to not be taken in by the thought police who are accusing perfectly innocent people of "implicit bias." This bias is way too selective. And as always, when it comes to being protected from bias, bigotry, and persecution, Jews can forget it.