Saviors' Day 2020 - Detroit, Michigan

That's right, boys and girls, The Nation of Islam will be celebrating Saviors' Day this year in Detroit at the former Cobo Hall, now the TCF Center.

The name "Cobo" was officially erased so that the building could "break its ties to a former Detroit mayor whose policies some have called racist."

But the building's new owners have no problem hosting noted anti-Semite, Louis Farrakhan. Detroit officials, who I'm sure praised the name change, have welcomed Farrakhan in the past. And they will welcome him again. That is to be expected.

We at MJAC will be keeping our eyes on our local Jewish leadership, the big machers who are in charge of local Jewish organizations, the ones who claim to speak for the Jewish community, and who should be leading the protests against Farrakhan.

Saviors' Day is scheduled for February 21-23. AJC/JCRC and all the others have a few weeks to prepare a statement and meet with city and TCF officials.

Will they stand up proudly? Or will their "trembling knees" keep them from rising up?

Stay tuned!

(Thanks, Linda, for the heads up.)