Satire site threatened with lawsuit

We at MJAC are not here to insult anybody's intelligence (especially if they are a public figure) or cast aspersions as to whether they are truly qualified for the positions of authority they hold.

We have observed that many people in positions of authority can insult their own intelligence. They don't need us to do it for them.

Take Rabbi Jill Jacobs . . . please.

Like any good satire site, sometimes PT gets too close to the truth. A major YouTube channel, Akkad Daily, highlighted the article, starting off as if it was serious but making clear that it was satire to his large and appreciative audience.
Jacobs objected to the article on PT's website (that currently features a headline "Jews Selfishly Hogging Limelight By Getting Killed") as making people think it really was written by her. (As far as I know, she didn't describe exactly where her opinions diverge from the article itself, if at all.)
After her complaint, PT graciously added a disclaimer at the end of the article:

Editor’s note: certain unnamed people are worried that a satirical article might be taken seriously, possibly because it is eerily close to their actual opinion. They even wrote to us to request, very politely, that we remove the article, the subject of which is a public figure.  For those people, we very politely stress that the article as written is not to be taken literally.

Any person with an IQ of above 35 would understand that when he says it is a "satirical article" that this means that this is a, um, satirical article.
But that wasn't explicit enough to the humorless anti-Israel Left.

Generally, people who have a reasonable grasp of reality understand humor, can engage in humor, and recognize humor even when it is directed at them.

Then again, there are people who do recognize humor, enjoy it when it is directed at others, but object when it is directed toward them. These are people who don't think much of free societies and would rather live in a not-quite-as-free society with them at the top. When one is a public figure, it is inevitable that they will be the victim of a satire attack. That's the way the world works.

That's all we're going to say on the subject. If you'd like to learn more, read the whole article at Elder of Ziyon.