Responses to DJN Rashida Tlaib Stories

The Detroit Jewish News recently ran a lengthly interview with Rashida Tlaib. If you're a subscriber you've probably already read it. If you're not a subscriber, you may have read it anyway after hearing all of the hoopla. Reports of the interview and accompanying article were carried in some national Jewish publications.

While some readers complained that interviewer, Andrew Lapin, didn't ask Tlaib any tough questions, the questions he did ask were enough for the informed reader to get a decent picture of Tlaib and her positions. The informed reader would have picked up on her frequent departures from reality. And had Lapin asked her those tough questions, chances are she would have waffled like a politician. Besides, Tlaib has already made her positions on Jews and Israel clear. Our worry should be the Jews who defend or excuse those positions.

Readers, including some MJAC members wrote letters in response to the Tlaib pieces. Just as it was clear from the article that Tlaib has her Jewish supporters, the letters are split between praise and condemnation.

If you've avoided reading the DJN Tlaib pieces because Tlaib and her allies make your blood boil, you're making a terrible mistake. You need this information. Sublimate your anger. Read the interview and the article. Then read the letters. You will probably still be angry, but you will be better informed.