Rashida Tlaib, NAACP, and Blaming the Jews

They express it in different ways, but they are saying the same thing: "Blame the Jews." This is nothing new of course. Jews have been blamed for everything from deicide to controlling the climate. Some of the things Jews are blamed for sound plausible, and some sound ridiculous. Due to the dumbing down of society though, there are fewer and fewer people who can recognize a ludicrous accusation when they see one. The fact that some of the people making these accusations are Congressional representatives and members of respected organizations doesn't help.

According to Rashida Tlaib, who now dresses in "terrorist chic" when addressing Congress, was a keynote speaker at the recent American Muslims for Palestine conference. This was the conference in which Linda Sarsour channeled David Duke in referring to "Jewish Surpremacism." Some of what Tlaib had to say included:

“Do you know what I saw at the border? I saw Gaza,” said Tlaib, the first Palestinian American woman in Congress, during her keynote address on Saturday at the American Muslims for Palestine conference in Chicago. “When you think about the border, you have to got to understand how interconnected the oppression in Palestine is with the oppression taking place at the border.”
She also said that she’s advocating for clean water in her Michigan district and “fighting for clean water in Gaza.”

We've come to expect this kind of invective from Tlaib, and I'm sure it will only get worse as she advances up the Congressional seniority ladder.

Meanwhile, also connecting Jews to issues that have nothing to do with Jews or Israel, is the Passaic N.J. branch of the NAACP.

From an Israel National News article:

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)'s Passaic, N.J. Branch on Wednesday published a Facebook post claiming that African-Americans "are dying so that Jews can live."
In the post, NAACP Passaic shared a Disclose.tv article titled "Israel gets $50 billion while America cannot afford clean water for Flint."

This is not the only anti-Semitic post on the Passaic-NAACP Facebook page though. They are admitted Farakhan supporters, and like Tlaib, they have a serious "Jew problem." They're more honest than Tlaib though, who likes to pretend she's "only anti-Zionist."

The NAACP Passaic, N.J. page is an ugly page, and it's here.

The days of anti-Semites hiding in basements, trading paraphernalia and conspiracy theories while hoping that nobody else finds out, are over. They're out in the open, and they're getting bolder. They're being welcomed into some social circles. Just so you know.