Rashida Tlaib almost, kinda, sorta . . . well not really, pays tribute to Yom Hashoah

Rashida Tlaib posted this tweet yesterday, on Yom Hashoah.

It's interesting that she doesn't mention Jews at all. What's more interesting though, is this tweet that's not by Rashida Tlaib:

I didn't know that. Now I do. And you do too. So besides not being able to use the word "Jew" lest it brings the wrath of her followers upon her head, Tlaib wanted to hide any mention of the Holocaust from those devoted followers. We know that many of them feel the same way about Jews that she does.

Will she fight to insure that the hate and bigotry espoused by her and her followers never prevail?

Don't count on it. That's our job; "our" being all of us who care about Jews' future.