Rantz: Seattle-area Imam smiles in anti-Semitic video comparing Jews to apes, pigs, BY JASON RANTZ

By now we should understand that this is probably a lot more common than we are led to believe. We just hear about the ones who are exposed because they're careless enough to post their Jew-hating sermons on YouTube.

Yes, there is always some kind of weasel-word apology when they get caught, but it only means that next time they will be more careful about what they post.

As American Jews cope with an alarming uptick in high profile anti-Semitic attacks across the country, a Seattle-area mosque featured a smiling imam comparing Jews to apes and pigs in a viciously anti-Semitic lecture in front of congregants, including children.
Just two weeks before the New Year, Imam Mohamad Joban of the Muslim Association of Puget Sound (MAPS) in Redmond delivered a lecture about the transformation of Jews into apes by Allah for having rebelled against Him.
The video was originally posted to YouTube by MAPS, but was pulled. The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), however, saved a cop of the video and posted an edited down version to their website.

We have MEMRI to thank for bringing this lecture to light. There are a lot of independent organizations like MEMRI doing the work that our "free" press should be doing. As their reward, MEMRI and other real journalism sites get tarred as "islamophobes."

We should all support their work.