Progressives Try and Cancel Zionist Voice

You may have already gotten the email from Charles Jacobs of Americans for Peace and Tolerance, the one that told of Boston's JCRC working to expel ZOA.

Boston’s Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) will vote on April 27 on whether to expel the Zionist Organization of America because its leader Morton Klein correctly condemns Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar as anti-Semites, and because Klein bravely calls out the leadership of BLM for its Jew-hatred. The leftists inside Jewish organizations using Stalinsts and McCarthyite tactics are hollowing out Jewish institutions, dividing the community and turning our important institutions into auxiliaries of the Democratic Party. Mort Klein has been bravely standing up for Jewish interests, speaking truth to power, as mainstream establishment groups cower to the left and betray the Jewish community. We must not let them win. Here below are two in-depth articles exposing how the JCRC’s leftist members may prevail. By Robert Spencer By Charles Jacobs It is urgent that we take back our communities, and support those who truly care about protecting the Jewish people. HERE IS WHAT YOU CAN DO: Make you voice heard, call or write to key Jewish leaders in Boston, demanding that they practice inclusion, Jewish unity, and defend the Zionist voice within the JCRC umbrella. Here are Boston’s Jewish leaders’ emails: Robert Trestan of ADL: Robert Leikind of AJC: Jeremy Burton of JCRC: Eric Geiser of AIPAC:

With the current resurgence of antisemitism, rather than attack the antisemites, Boston's JCRC is teaming up with antisemites to

attack one of the few Jewish organizations that still actively battles antisemitism.

According to Robert Spencer:

It all started last year with a petition from leftist Jewish groups J Street, the Jewish Alliance for Law and Social Action, Women of Reform Judaism and others, calling for the ZOA to be expelled from the Boston JCRC because Klein had made statements that supposedly ventured into “xenophobic and racist territory,” and thus ZOA’s membership was “not compatible with and is in conflict with the mission of JCRC.”

The fact that J Street has it in for ZOA shouldn't surprise us. Mahmoud Abbas was one of the presenters (by video) at this year's annual J Street conference.

Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas spoke on Sunday about strengthening ties with the United States during a pre-recorded video address at a virtual annual national conference of the lobbying group J Street.

Abbas said that ties between the P.A. and the United States were severed during former President Donald Trump’s administration after recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in December 2017 and the moving of the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem six months later, in May 2018, followed by the cutting off of aid to the Palestinians.

Abbas asked for the organization’s assistance to “repeal all laws that block the road toward enhancing Palestinian-U.S. relations.”

In addition:

J Street has also recently indicated support for a newly introduced bill in the U.S. House of Representatives, which if passed would condition U.S. aid to Israel on ensuring that no tax dollars contribute to alleged civil-rights and human-rights abuses against Palestinians.

The bill titled “Defending the Human Rights of Palestinian Children and Families Living Under Israeli Military Occupation Act,” was introduced by U.S. Rep. Betty McCollum (R-Minn.) on April 15.

But it's ZOA that the JCRC finds objectionable.

According to Charles Jacobs:

J Street and its radical allies are using two pretexts for trying to expel the ZOA from Boston’s JCRC.

First is Klein’s criticism of anti-Semitism within the leadership of the Black Lives Matter movement. As the ZOA has documented, BLM is intertwined with and is a top member of the lesser-known Movement 4 Black Lives (M4BL). The ZOA has compiled a mountain of direct evidence linking BLM/M4BL’s leadership to the rawest forms of Jew-hatred, including blood libels. The BLM/M4BL platform, social-media posts and demonstrations accuse the Jewish state (falsely) of committing genocide and apartheid. They advocate for boycotts against Israel. A BLM-Los Angeles leader incited the pogrom-like attack in Los Angeles’ Jewish Fairfax district on Shavuot where Jewish synagogues, schools and businesses were defaced, burnt, looted and/or destroyed. BLM actively participated in an anti-Israel “day of rage” in cities across the United States this past summer. BLM/M4BL also spouts the libel that Israel trains American police forces on how to violently abuse blacks in America.

J Street and its political allies have made it obvious once again, no matter how much they deny it, that they're not on the Jews' side.

Read both Spencer's and Jacob's articles. Then email the above listed leaders. They have to know that we reject participating in the collective Jewish suicide that they're leading.