Pompeo, AIPAC and American Jewish Priorities, by Caroline Glick

If you read our previous post, you already know about Andy Levin leading the congressional Democrats' charge to stab Israel in the back. We should have known something like this was coming based on Levin's embrace of Rashida Tlaib and Bend the Arc. He just had to wait for the right moment, like he did when castigating Israel over an illegal Palestinian settlement.

But as Caroline Glick points out, the anti-Israel sentiment goes deeper than merely Levin and the Democratic Party (as if that weren't enough).

The Reform movement stunned Israelis when its leader Rabbi Rick Jacobs called on President Donald Trump to rescind Pompeo’s statement and reinstate the Obama administration’s policy of viewing Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria as the great obstacle to peace.


Statements by the AJC and the ADL ignored the substance of Pompeo’s declaration. They failed to mention fact that he repudiated the Obama administration’s obsessive and false claim that Israeli communities are an obstacle to peace, despite the fact that this claim has fueled the work of anti-Semites as they spread their hatred of Jews on college campuses across America. The AJC and ADL also didn’t thank Pompeo for saying what he said.
Instead, their statements effectively embraced Obama’s discriminatory and false position on these Israeli communities. The ADL said (irrelevantly) that it supports the establishment of a Palestinian state. The AJC said it opposes construction in settlements located beyond the large settlement blocs – as if this were at all relevant to Pompeo’s statement.


On the other side of the spectrum, groups with traditional Zionist positions were deeply supportive of Pompeo’s statement. The Zionist Organization of America, (ZOA) was ecstatic. It specifically noted the that the Trump administration’s move, “strikes a blow at the hateful, anti-Israel BDS, (boycott, divestment and sanctions) movement, which relies on false claims that Jews are ‘illegal occupiers’ of the Jewish homeland.”
The ZOA also condemned the Reform movement for calling for the administration to rescind the policy.
The Orthodox Union and several smaller groups also greeted Pompeo’s remarks with gratitude and support.
Likewise, Christians United for Israel, (CUFI) and other leading Christian Zionist groups and national leaders were thrilled by Pompeo’s statement. One evangelical leader enthused that with the move, Trump secured “100 percent” of his evangelical Christian base.

So while progressive Judaism's support for Israel is waning and its acceptance of anti-Semitism is waxing, we can still trust Evangelical Christians. In fact, we can trust CUFI more than we can trust Rabbi Rick Jacobs, ADL, AIPAC and the other bloated, ineffective Jewish organizations that seem to do little but support Democrats.

Rather than support groups that are unwilling to stick their necks out to defend either Israel or their own community, the government should support the groups that are willing to do so. Israel should support the Jewish and non-Jewish groups that support Israel in meaningful ways. Those that are willing to stand up to the forces using the term “settlements” to demonize Israel and its American supporters are the ones who Israel should focus its energies on supporting.

That goes for American Jews too. We should support ZOA, CUFI, and other organizations that still get it.