Opinion | I Was Protested At Bard College For Being A Jew, by Batya Ungar-Sargon

Batya Ungar-Sargon is an opinion editor at the Forward, a Jewish publication that doesn't always take the side of the Jews. Ungar-Sargon in fact, is proud of her advocacy for the Palestinians. What she recently discovered though, is that her advocacy doesn't matter to SJP members and other Jew haters. She is Jewish, therefore she is automatically guilty no matter how often she advocates for Israel haters.

She seems to have found it a rude awakening.

As the protesters started to gather in the lobby, I approached them. I told them that I respected their passion and commitment to what they thought was right, but asked why they had picked this panel.
“Come to my panel tomorrow,” I said. “Come protest my comments on Zionism. I’ll be talking about the occupation. Bring your signs.”
I told them I’d reserve the first and second audience-questions for members of their group, but that protesting the all-Jewish anti-Semitism panel was undercutting their work.
“Don’t you see that?” I asked. Didn’t they see that protesting Jews over Israel when they are not even talking about Israel is racist? Didn’t they understand that saying we were responsible for the behavior of the Israeli Jews just because we shared their ethnicity was racist? That making every conversation with Jews about Israel is racist?”
“The conversation about anti-Semitism is already inherently about Israel,” one of the students archly explained, repeating a deeply anti-Semitic trope that has been voiced across the spectrum from David Duke to Louis Farrakhan to Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters. Right-wing anti-Semites see any accusation of anti-Semitism as a Jewish conspiracy to take away the rights of whites, while left-wing anti-Semites sees the same accusation as an attempt to silence Palestinians.
Apparently, so do some Bard students.

This is actually a very important piece, especially coming from Batya Ungar-Sargon. You should read the whole thing. She was blindsided by her ideological allies and was very upset about it. She didn't understand that anti-Zionists are really anti-Semites, and they will shut down any and all Jews who do not toe their Jew-hating line. She was supposed to join another panel the following day, but gave this speech instead (which you can watch below) before walking off the stage.