Obama’s revisionist ‘Promised Land’, by Dov Lipman

How does one vilify the Jewish people and still have people (including Jews) defend you from being charged as an antisemite?

Easy. Attack Israel.

It's a popular tactic that has worked for years. It's become very popular even among some congressional representatives. Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and AOC attack Israel regularly and face very little blowback from Jewish organizations. Even Rep. Andy Levin denies that Rashida Tlaib is antisemitic.

He defended Tlaib to the Detroit Free Press.

"I know Rashida very well," he said. "I've fought side by side with her. She's not antisemitic."
He says the problem is that antisemitic remarks, like racist remarks, are often uttered by someone who doesn’t realize the full impact of what he or she is saying until it’s pointed out. And given that it’s a recent and still rare development for Muslims and Palestinian-Americans to serve in Congress, it’s not surprising that with more diversity comes a diversity of expression and ideas.

Then there is former president, Barack Obama. While in office, he told the Israeli people that,

The U.S. is proud to be " your strongest ally and your greatest friend."

Maybe he didn't include himself as part of the U.S. because we remember how he stabbed Israel in the back shortly before leaving office.

Now four years out of office, Obama twists the knife in his new memoir. Dov Lipman gives a rundown of the Obama memoir's chapter devoted to misrepresenting Israeli history. One example:

A Promised Land recounts, as well, how the United Nations passed a partition plan for Palestine in November 1947, by dividing the country into a Jewish and Arab state, which the “Zionist leaders,” as he calls them, accepted, but to which the “Arab Palestinians, as well as surrounding Arab nations that were just emerging from colonial rule, strenuously objected.”
Obama’s use of “Zionist leaders” instead of “Jewish leaders” plays right into the current international climate, in which it is politically correct to be “anti-Zionist,” while unacceptable to be anti-Jewish. (In reality, Zionism is the movement for Jews to live in their biblical and historic homeland, so being against that actually is anti-Semitism, but that’s for another discussion.)
The description of “Arab nations that were just emerging from colonial rule” is a clear attempt to justify the Arab refusal of the U.N. Partition Plan. Those poor “Arab nations” that have been suffering due to outsiders colonizing their “nations” simply could not accept another “colonial” entity, the Jews, entering the region.
But the truth is that with the exception of Egypt, which was not colonized, none of the neighboring countries that rejected the partition plan had been established states before World War I. Yes, the post-war mandates of the League of Nations gave control in the region to the British and the French for a few decades, but this was in place of the Ottoman Empire that had controlled the region for centuries. Thus, the image of countries emerging from long-standing colonial rule as a subtle attempt to justify their objection to the Partition Plan is simply false.
Obama tells the story of the establishment of the State of Israel in two sentences, which are nothing short of outright revisionist history: “As Britain withdrew, the two sides quickly fell into war. And with Jewish militias claiming victory in 1948, the state of Israel was officially born.”

And our next president will be Joe Biden. Rashida Tlaib won reelection as did Ilhan Omar and AOC.They have the support of at least 70% of American Jews - who are still infatuated with Obama - and would vote for him again if they could. They seem to be unaware of the connection of Israel to Judaism.

Stay tuned. I have a feeling things are going to get even more interesting.