No Peace, No Justice, by Rabbi Prof. Dov Fischer

This is an important article by Dov Fischer. Here is a taste:

These are the animals of the night. They have nothing to do with George Floyd. They have nothing to do with anger or with protesting injustice. They run rampant every Saturday night in Chicago, murdering another three or five — or maybe an even dozen — Black women and children. Remember all the news about how the New York Times recently listed the names of coronavirus victims? Have you heard similar news that the Chicago Sun-Times lists the names of every murder victim in Chicago, with date, time, and location? Just this past Memorial Day weekend, 50 people were shot and 10 murdered in Chicago. The very next day another 28 were shot in Chicago. A five-year-old girl got shot. A 37-year-old guy got shot while sitting on his porch.
Black lives matter? More Blacks get murdered every weekend in Baltimore, Chicago, Memphis, St. Louis, and Detroit than will be killed wrongfully in a generation and more by bad apples among America’s approximately 700,000 police.
Right now, if there is to be justice — and there must be — first there must be peace. Anger is OK. Even if it is true that he was passing around counterfeit money, decent Americans intuitively grasp the evil that appears to have been done to George Floyd. But mayhem and arson and wanton violence that destroys the hopes, dreams, and livelihoods of Americans of all colors, ethnicities, and creeds is not anger. Rather, it is the way that the very sickest Satans in our society celebrate and party. Here the animals set fire to the personal belongings of a Minnesota homeless man. Here, looters attack other looters to swipe their stealings. Here, they beat the living daylights out of a woman in front of her store as her husband tries to stop them. Put these animals — these sub-human dirtbags — on a scale alongside Derek Chauvin, and ask blindfolded Lady Justice which is worse.

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