Nearly 140 US Jewish leaders urge Gantz, Ashkenazi to block annexation, By ERIC CORTELLESSA

This is actually from last week, but it's taken me that long to stop trying to figure out where all of these US Jewish leaders are coming from. Who are they? Who named them as leaders?

Nearly 140 US Jewish leaders unveiled an open letter Monday to Blue and White party leader Benny Gantz and his deputy, MK Gabi Ashkenazi, urging them to “remain steadfast” in their opposition to West Bank annexation under a unity government.
The missive warns against allowing the coronavirus pandemic to enable Israel to annex West Bank settlements, at a time when the country needs to unify in the face of a public health emergency.
“In the midst of this unprecedented health and financial crisis for Israel, we respectfully urge you not to use the need for unity in the face of emergency to create a different crisis for Israel by moving forward on unilateral annexation,” the American Jewish leaders write.
The letter was orchestrated by the Israel Policy Forum, a New York-based nonprofit that advocates for a two-state solution.

I'm also wondering why the Israel Policy Forum is focused on convincing American Jews on the viability of a "two-state solution" while the Palestinians remain completely unconvinced. American Jews are all for it, but Palestinian leadership wants it all from the River to the Sea. They've made that very clear in vicious word and in violent deed. Somehow the Israel Policy Forum and 140 Jewish leaders haven't been paying attention. Not only that, somehow they've gained an inflated sense of their own influence.

So the clueless Israel Policy Forum is working with clueless, self-important Jewish leaders to keep insisting that Israel follow a strategy that will only lead to more war and bloodshed. If you've ever read Israeli Policy Forum's Michael Koplow's columns in the Jewish News, you've already seen how he ignores facts that contradict his untenable positions.

And yet, 140 leaders operate under the same delusion that Palestinians want peace. Is there any way we can vote them out of office?