MJAC in the News

MJAC was recently mentioned and quoted in the Forward in an article by Michael Janofsky:

The district, which includes a large part of Detroit and suburbs to the west and south, is home to fewer than 1,500 Jews. The choices are problematic enough that the Michigan Democrat Jewish Caucus chose not to endorse either candidate, and a Jewish policy group that does not endorse candidates, the Michigan Jewish Action Council, described Tlaib in a statement as “a poor choice for Jews and for our country.”

This article is based on the recent Rashida Tlaib - Brenda Jones article from the Detroit Jewish News, in which MJAC is also mentioned and quoted.

From the right, the Michigan Jewish Action Council is not getting involved in this election, either. In a statement sent to the JN, the conservative advocacy group said they have concerns with both candidates — Tlaib because of her views on Israel and Jones because of her ties to Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, who has a history of anti-Semitism.
“While we at MJAC think that Rashida Tlaib is a poor choice for Jews and for our country, Brenda Jones needs to clarify some of her positions,” reads the statement, signed by MJAC member Harry Onickel.

Read the DJN article if you haven't yet done so. Also read DJN editor, Andrew Lapin's interview with Tlaib. No matter how you feel about her, you need to know her, and the best way to do that is by listening to what she says. Some MJAC members have written letters to DJN in response to the interview. When it comes to Israel, her view of reality is quite skewed (as she makes clear in the interview) and her deviations from reality need to be pointed out.