MJAC Because of...

The Rot Inside American Jewish Organizations

MJAC was formed because of an apparent cooperation between many of the major Jewish organizations and 'The Resistance.' In early 2017 their activities appeared to be in lockstep with the leftist, progressive and Democrat endeavors to flip the results of the 2016 election. We wondered what that had to do with their original purposes and missions? Do they continue to serve the needs of the Jewish community that supports them? Or, are they now serving other purposes?

Seth Mandel's article details "The Rot..."

Unfortunately, the JCRCs, AJCs. ADLs, etc. continue to hold the attention of the equally unreliable MSM. It is up to us and our supporters to demand that news outlets also present more traditional Jewish opinions and values held by the Jewish Silent Majority. Please write letters to editors and Tweet to them asking them to include dissenting Jewish opinions in their reporting.