Mitch Albom: Anti-Semitic posts — and tepid reactions — should enrage us

MJAC thanks and commends Mitch Albom and the Detroit Free Press for publishing this piece today. It's shocking that such an article even needed to be written in 2020. But the left has gone so far from traditional Liberal ideology that they have left no place for Jews to sit among their fellows on the left. Quietly, so quietly, many "former" Jewish Democrats have voiced their common thought: "I was always with the Democrat Party, but now they've left me."

Thank G-d Mitch Albom has not yet been silenced by the cancel culture. That's the one that throws out anyone who won't march in lockstep with the new Democratic Socialist agenda, like they've done to Prof Bret Weinsten and so many others.*

We pray G-d will protect Mitch Albom and his family from those who think nothing of doxing and destroying those with whom they will not accept any variance from their party line.

*Part one of a three-part series of short films about Bret Weinstein & Heather Heying's experience at Evergreen State College.