Malaysian Prime Minister at Columbia University

I'm not actually sure this is a new low for Columbia. Yes, it was a low point, especially because:

Mr. Cohen writes that the event moderator, Professor Lien-Hang T. Nguyen, never asked a tough question or challenged the speaker’s assertions and expressions of prejudice and animus. I’m sure Columbia faculty and students extend similar courtesy to speakers who identify as Republicans, conservatives and especially officials of the Trump administration. (You doubt that? Tsk, tsk. How cynical of you.)
“We have a lot of wisdom that we can draw on from you,” Professor Nguyen flattered the senescent politician. At the conclusion of the program, he exclaimed: “That was amazing.” Yeah, like Mr. Mohamad didn’t know that.

I think Columbia went even lower when they invited and cheered Iranian President Ahmadinijad back in 2007.

And while Columbia University demonstrates a soft spot for Jew-hating despots, even when they promote genocide, the university has for years banned ROTC.