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From Daniel Greenfield at FrontPageMag on the today's Democratic racism.

That is the truth lurking behind the 1619 Project, behind the elevation of Coates, whose work is featured at The Atlantic, a publication funded by Laurene Powell Jobs, Steve Jobs’ widow, and the fourth wealthiest woman in the country. Black racism in America is funded by rich white lefties.
The victims of identity politics, killed and wounded in random lynchings, are the collateral damage of progressive racism. A few dead people, in this case Jews, are a small price to pay for power.
The rise in anti-Semitism is not mysterious. It is what happens when political factions back fringe groups convinced of the fundamental unfairness of society and the need to bring it down, whether it’s black or white supremacists, or Islamists, as weapons in a political war for control of the country.
There are two kinds of racism. One may be innate to people. The other is stirred up, funded, and promoted by political factions. America’s worst moments, contrary to revisionist history like the 1619 Project, was not caused by any innate hate, but by political conspiracies using racism to gain power.
People are dying in racial violence across the country so that the Democrats can win elections.

We've got a couple from the Clarion Project.

First up is Alex VanNess on some local Islamic leaders who might not be as peaceful as they pretend to be.

Imam Elahi, a regular speaker at interfaith dialogues and anti-hate events (including an event alongside the Anti-Defamation League) posted an open letter to President Trump on his Facebook page whitewashing Soleimani’s connection to terrorism and the deaths of hundreds of Americans. The letter read in part:

“You said general Soleimani and his forces “targeted, injured, and murdered hundreds of American civilians and servicemen”. Really? How come for the first time we hear this? Please show us your evidence!”

Elahi ended his screed with a list of demands for President Trump:

1-Please express your regret of what has happened since January 3rd. Send a comforting condolence to the victims’ families. 2- Issue a courageous statement ending all illegal economic and travel bans and sanctions on Iranian and Iraqi and other targeted people and renew your call for dialogue and diplomacy. 3- You already saw that the worse economic sanctions followed with military operations didn’t make Iranians submit to your maximum pressures and pains. If you truly mean respect for the Iranian people and their intellect, integrity, hearts and heritage, please express it with your actions. I am sure they will respond to logic and love the same way.

Elahi has strong ties to the Iranian regime.  After the Islamic Revolution brought the theocratic Iranian regime to power, Elahi was appointed as an Islamic ethics teacher at the Iranian Naval Academy, a position he held for five years.

Elahi moved to Dearborn in 1992, leading the Islamic Center of America, a mosque in Michigan that has been supportive of Hezbollah figures.  He later went on to establish the Islamic House of Wisdom in 1995.

Elahi has also appeared on Iranian state-controlled propaganda TV to parrot the supreme leader’s lines. He equates Israel with ISIS and tries to instigates terrorism against Israel with inflammatory condemnations and accusations. His statements paint Hamas as freedom-fighters engaged in legitimate jihad.

Then from Meira Svirsky on some "undocumented immigrants" who are not as noble as the mainstream press and politicians want us to believe.

A red alert was issued at the Mexican border town of Mexicali after the police chief received information that Iranian nationals armed with explosives may try to cross the border into the U.S.
The alert, issued by Customs and Border Protection in Arizona on January 10, was confirmed by Mexicali Police Chief Maria Elena Andrade. “We received reports that four nationals of Iran possibly carrying explosives were going to attempt to cross the border in the area of San Luis to Mexicali. We were told it was three men and a woman to be on the lookout for,” Andrade said.
“We have no incident that has happened as of now, we are responding accordingly and we will not underestimate these threats,” Andrade added.
“Operation Shield” was activated in Mexicali to counter the threat from the Iranian nationals, however details of the operation were not disclosed.

Next up is Ilya Feoktistov and Charles Jacobs at American Thinker. You may have read about New York City's "bail reform" program that is allowing people who have been arrested to be released without bail in order to go out and commit more crimes. Some of those crimes have involved harassing and beating up Jews. Well, guess what -

Yet it was New York’s establishment Jewish leadership that led the lobbying effort to pass bail reform. On September 15, 2019, the UJA-Federation of New York, the Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) of New York, and a national umbrella group of 125 Jewish community relations councils that calls itself the Jewish Center for Public Affairs (JCPA) held a conference celebrating the role of Jewish organizations in getting criminal reform legislation passed. Among the accomplishments touted at the conference were the new bail laws. Here in Massachusetts, the local JRCR head, Jeremy Burton, has also been pushing for bail reform.
The JCPA, led by David Bernstein, is the central Jewish organization driving criminal justice reform campaigns. In 2016, the JCPA launched its Criminal Justice Initiative, mobilizing dozens of its member community relations councils in cities across America to demand criminal justice reform to “end mass incarceration.” Jewish community relations councils serve under Jewish federations as outreach organizations in most big American cities.
In 2018, the JCPA hired New York activist Roy Waterman to lead its the initiative.  Waterman would seem a strange hire for an organization focused on Jewish issues. In the mid-1990s, the future JCPA official was a crack dealer in Queens. Waterman spent his teenage days “walking with guns” and “hurting people,” until going to prison for masterminding an armed bank robbery and being an accomplice in the brutal torture and murder of an innocent man over drug money.

Should we be surprised? Appalled, yes. But from we've been seeing from our mainstream Jewish organizations, surprise is not an emotion we are feeling.

From Andrea Widburg, also at American Thinker an analysis as to why this year's crop of Democratic presidential candidates have been ignoring Israel.

After all, Israel's friends haven't forgotten the cavalier way Obama treated Netanyahu when the latter visited the White House; they haven't forgotten Hillary Clinton's lifetime of hostility to Israel, including her role as "designated screamer" (no matter how cutely she tried to dress up that role); they haven't forgotten Obama's extortionate weapons deal with Israel; and, of course, they haven't forgotten the Iran deal itself, which fast-tracks Iran to nuclear weapons, a number of which will be aimed directly at Israel.
Nor have Israel's friends missed the rising anti-Semitism on America's colleges and universities, which are bastions of progressivism and the Democrat Party.  They've also noticed that the Democrat primary candidate who is currently most popular is Bernie Sanders, who's besties with the openly anti-Semitic Linda Sarsour.
Currently, when pressed, the Democrat candidates will pay a little lip service to Israel and fairness before immediately reverting to Warren's favorite trope of "putting everything on the table" in the service of protecting the Palestinians from Israel's alleged depredations.  Moreover, Warren, just like Bernie, proudly supports open anti-Semites, such as Palestinian-American Maysoon Zayid.

The Jews who support New York City's "bail reform" probably don't care about this aspect of Democratic leadership and will continue to vote for it.

Finally in response to the increasing antisemitism, Ashley Rindsberg offers a possible solution. It's one that will never be considered by our "leaders" or by progressive Jews who will vote Democratic no matter how often Democrats demonstrate their contempt for Jews, but for the rest of us -

In the face of this onslaught, Jews need the thing that’s hardest to accept, and to achieve, which is a radical assertion of identity. We need to look to what Martin Luther King Jr. did for his people, and Gandhi for his. Each performed the miracle of tapping the collective energies of a group of hounded, persecuted individuals and transforming them into a united entity. They struck their staffs into the ground and the earth rippled. And they did so on their own terms, in their own languages.
The questions we need to ask now are ones of accountability – not accountability of the authorities or of the culture, but of ourselves. For example: Where’s the March for Jews on the Washington Mall? Where are the Jewish pray-ins? What demands are we presenting as a people? Who are we in the midst of this society? And who are we to ourselves?
We have to accept the harsh reality that standing up for yourself often invites violent confrontation. Don’t misconstrue: I’m not advocating violence as a solution. It’s not. Preemptive or retributive violence will solve nothing, and likely will exacerbate the problem. But in the face of violence designed to intimidate and silence us, Jews need to stand tall with the expectation that racially and religiously-motivated violence is now a part of life.
The scary thing is that no one else is going to solve this problem. We have to do it alone. Which means we to need to become the kind of people who stick our necks out rather than tortoise them in. But that’s where the opportunity lies.

Yes, in the end it is up to us. Nobody has our back. Nobody has ever had our back. It's always been up to us. Read the whole thing. It's worth it.