Linda Sarsour & Zahra Billoo: Using Myth of Heroism to Drive Extremist Agenda, by Shireen Qudosi

The anti-Semitism was flying fast and furiously through the recent American Muslims for Palestine 2019 conference. Linda Sarsour, who seemed to lead the pack, was pretty blatant, as we reported yesterday. She later tried to deny her hatred and "clear up any confusion" in a self-serving, but ultimately unconvincing string of tweets that fooled nobody except people who share her hatred.

Clarion Project has even more information on Sarsour, her partner in hate, Zahra Billoo, and the Islamist/progressive war against Israel and Jews.

What is the difference between Linda Sarsour or Zahra Billoo versus the secret Nazi chat groups on Telegram I track as part of Clarion Project’s Preventing Violent Extremism program?
The answer is that Sarsour and Billoo are openly telling you who they are.
The Islamist cause is steadfastly crafting a plot based on the “seven story archetypes,” a concept detailed by Christopher Booker in his book The 7 basic plots, which distills all of story-telling into 7 basic archetypes that make up all of storytelling throughout history. Learning how to use these archetypes is a key to marketing your narrative.
In this case, the Islamist plot is archetype #1, “Overcoming the Monster” in which Jews (or the Jewish state) need to be painted as the beast. The same message is mirrored by private neo-Nazi chat groups I follow. Here’s an image one neo-Nazi group shared this morning.
Notice the same trope of hero vs. beast. Notice the swastika driving the sword. Notice the dehumanization of Jews (portrayed as snakes). Notice the language of revolution.
These are extremist fictions that use the Jungian hero myth to drive an extremist narrative. The myth of hero vs. monster offer a universality of the collective consciousness that make it easier for a large group of people to jump on. This is storytelling, but it is also part of how propaganda works. Successful propaganda is at its core a distortion that is sold as a simple story.


Islamists will coattail on any trending social justice issue they can to drive attention back to the shell, and use the shell (Palestine) to attack the target (Jews).
Social justice causes used by Islamists to further their agenda have included Black Lives Matter and indigenous rights. While the voices of minorities deserve to be supported in the right way, when Islamists support minorities, it’s usually more to do with being a cover for their own interests. It’s not authentic interest in the issue itself.
Take a look at Islamist support for Standing Rock, for example. Instead of showing up and supporting water protectors because it’s the right thing to do, Islamists dragged along Palestinian flags. Considering Islamists are meant to be against colonizer narratives, it’s a bit of an imperialist move to stick your flag on the sacred land of people — people who faced oppression and genocide that was often justified because a flag was stuck in the ground.
If you authentically care about an issue and support a group of people, stand with them without standing on them to uplift your own agenda. Islamists don’t hold authentic space for oppressed minorities because they don’t actually care: They’re using these people.
In truth, Islamists are ideological colonizers curb-stomping original voices and representation of communities by flagging their own issue.

Sarsour and Billoo have a high profile, but they're not alone. Read the whole article. It's fascinating and troubling. They have a plan that they are following. Most people don't know enough to know how badly AMP and their mouthpieces are lying. The take comfort in the refuge of a good story in which the Jews are the ultimate evil.