Linda Sarsour’s Acts of Hate Against Jews: A Running List

There are people, and sadly, some of them are Jews who scoff at the charge of Linda Sarsour being an anti-Semite. You may know some of them.

For your convenience, and just in case you ever have to present the facts (not that mere facts will convince people who refuse to face the facts) Jews for Justice has posted a list of Linda Sarsour's anti-Semitic episodes.

Linda Sarsour’s ongoing praise, business, and association with the Nation of Islam, an antisemitic hate group that promotes tropes that Jews control the U.S. government and FBI, plotted 9/11, “suck blood,” are part of a conspiracy to make people gay and transgender, and are pedophiles.
Linda Sarsour delivered a speech at a 2015 rally organized by NOI leader Louis Farrakhan in his celebration.
“On October 10, 2017, Sarsour shared a two-year-old clip with her almost 200K Facebook followers that showed her delivering a short speech at a 2015 rally organized by Farrakhan to mark the 20-year anniversary of the 1995 Million Man March.” She wrote “2 years ago today. I stand by every word.”(The Forward)
Sarsour has publicly advocated for the embrace of NOI in larger Islam. In 2012, she tweeted “When we write the history of Islam in America, the Nation of #Islam is an integral part of that history.” In 2014, Sarsour again expressed her passion for the hate group. “Can’t learn or teach about the history of Islam in America without talking about the Nation of Islam,” she wrote.
In 2018, after Jews expressed discomfort that Sarsour and her Women’s March Co-chair had embraced the hate group, Sarsour said they were part of a right-wing conspiracy to undermine the women’s movement. She asked Jews on Facebook: “What work are we willing to do and are we willing to be open to the true idea that members of the NOI [Nation of Islam] are not all anti-Semites? Are we cool with broad brushing a whole group?”
In April 2020, Linda Sarsour penned a public tribute to a leader of the Nation of Islam, Abdul Hafeez Muhammad, who worked under Louis Farrakhan. In a speech, Muhammad claimed that antisemism accusations against the Women’s March were a “deception” to distract from the “truth” of Farrakhan’s conspiracy theories about Jewish people.“A tool of the liar is deception,” Muhammad said. “So you expose the deception by exposing the liar. The liar fights truth. This requires one who knows the truth also having the courage to tell the truth. And, most of all the willingness to face the opposition that results. Farrakhan is that person. The question is who will stand with him?”

There is only the beginning. There are a lot more. Read the whole list. Bookmark the page. Share it with your friends and email lists. Keep track of updates.