Letter from an MJAC Member - Operation Gridlock

Governor Whitmer called the Operation Gridlock protest in Lansing a political rally.  In fact, it was a protest by thousands against the arbitrary and unconstitutional abuse of power by the Governor.  The participants were also protesting the usurpation of legislative authority by the Governor in closing down businesses and services on the basis of her inconsistent criteria.  By her actions, the Governor has thrown thousands out of work and pushed hospitals and small businesses to the brink of bankruptcy.  Incredibly, she labeled as essential: marijuana shops, liquor stores, lottery vendors, and abortion on-demand clinics; she labeled as non-essential: non-emergency surgeries such as joint replacement and heart procedures and included the purchase of paint, flooring, seeds, landscaping services, visiting family, traveling to a second home -- the list goes on.  Apparently, getting high and drunk, and filling state coffers are more important than social distancing.  The Governor and her acolytes in the media have attempted to characterize the vast majority of protesters as sympathetic to the few extremists carrying a swastika sign seeking publicity.  Some in that media have gone so far as to show a picture of a man (supposedly at the protest) displaying a swastika sign, implying he was one of the protesters when, in fact, it turned out he was a Bernie Sanders supporter at a different and earlier rally --no correction has come from the media.  Even the self-proclaimed representatives of the Jewish community have condemned the whole demonstration because of the action of a few extremist publicity seekers.  On the other hand, these "representatives" of the Jewish community were silent when, last August, the vast majority of protesters at the Holocaust Center carried signs and chanted that the facilities for detaining illegal immigrants were the same as Nazi concentration camps. It should be apparent that that the use of crises for political gain belongs to Governor Whitmer and her collaborators, not to Operation Gridlock.

Irving Ginsberg, Ph.D.

Thank you, Irving Ginsberg for calling out Governor Whitmer and our sycophantic media. We need more voices like yours. How many people will die due to the shutting down of our economy?