Jews Who Don't Get It, Two Views

From Vic Rosenthal:

In the US, there is a Jewish Voice for Peace, an If Not Now, a J Street, an Open Hillel, and a Tzedek Chicago – and probably a hundred other Jewish organizations with the same general objective. All would deny it, but they act politically to bring about the end of the Jewish state and the re-imposition of the historic exile of the Jewish people.
Although some of these groups claim to support “nonviolent change,” if they were to be successful in their endeavors, Jewish blood would flow (again) like water. And make no mistake about this – the conditions that enabled the Jewish people to survive as a people in the 2000+ year diaspora don’t hold in the 21st century. The end of the Jewish state would most likely be the end of the Jewish people.
I don’t think they are naïve. I am surprised that the ones with three-figure IQs believe that the ideal of nonviolence is attainable. They seem to be able to accept a remarkably great degree of cognitive dissonance.
This phenomenon is rare among other peoples. I haven’t encountered a “Hindus for a Pakistani Kashmir” group, or a Greek “Keep Northern Cyprus Turkish” organization, have you? But in addition to the countless Jewish and Israeli groups dedicated to ending Jewish sovereignty in what they relish calling “Palestine” (or “Israel/Palestine” at best), there are countless Jewish activists in Students for Justice in Palestine and similar non-Jewish groups. Some are even leaders in the anti-Israel movement.

Meanwhile, Carolyn Glick says:

The liberal Jewish establishment in America is far more comfortable talking about neo-Nazis than black anti-Semites. That is a large part of the reason that in its annual reports on anti-Semitic attacks in the United States in 2017 and 2018, the Anti-Defamation League tried hard to give the impression that most anti-Semitism in the U.S. emanates from the political right, and is inspired by President Trump. But the facts point to a different conclusion.
Last month the Amcha Initiative, which documents, investigates and combats anti-Semitism on college campuses, published its 2018 report on-campus anti-Semitism. The report revealed that classic anti-Semitic attacks – that is, right-wing anti-Semitic attacks – decreased 42%. In contrast, 2018 saw a 70% increase in leftist anti-Semitic attacks on campuses.
The report’s most alarming finding is that faculty members are playing a central role in propagating and inciting anti-Semitism on campuses by pushing academic boycotts of Israel. Their decisive role – and the fact that their actions are largely backed by university administrators – indicates that anti-Semitism has become institutionalized in American academia.
Rather than fight against this dangerous state of affairs, major Jewish groups have been diffident in their responses. While anti-Israel groups like J Street oppose legislative initiatives to penalize companies that boycott Israel, other liberal groups, like the ADL sit on the fence. They give lip service to anti-BDS laws while grousing incoherently that supporting the penalization of those who discriminate against Israeli Jews somehow breaches the First Amendment or otherwise causes undefined harm to the Jewish community.

While using different incidents and reactions, both writers are showing a few of the many ways that liberal/progressive Jews don't get it. For some reason, ProgressiveWorld has become an alternate reality in which Al Sharpton can be invited to speak at a synagogue on Yom Kippur while Donald Trump is castigated for speaking out against and trying to put a lid on campus anti-Semitism, and justice is expressed by accepting the Arab world's insistence that Israel has no right to exist.

The only problem is that in the current reality, the one that we are actually forced to live under, the same people who deny Israel the same rights every other nation takes for granted, also deny Jews the right to exist. Siding with Al Sharpton or Ilhan Omar because one buys into the concept of intersectionality (which is code for "blame the Jews") won't change that.

And it's better to accept reality than to have it smack you in the head as you walk down the street looking too Jewish.