Jews Forced Out of a Philadelphia BLM Protest

I'm not sure what it's going to take to get some Jews to understand that we are not welcome by social justice activists or by BLM. True, they accept and lionize groups like IfNotNow, J Street, and Bend the Arc, but these groups have mostly disavowed their Judaism, wearing it on their sleeves, and only there to be used against Jews. They engage in "show Judaism" so that they can be accepted by Jew haters as the "good Jews" or as "real Jews."

For a disturbing visual reminder that Jews and Jewish lives don't matter, watch the video. Watch the Jews who try to join this BLM protest get cursed at, threatened, shoved, and forced to leave by the "mostly peaceful" BLM protesters.

The first few seconds of the video, when the Jews are referred to as Amalek are missing from this version. Elder of Ziyon has the entire video.

All the "tikkun olam" in the world will not make Jews welcome by the current generation of social justice warriors. They see us as the enemy, as white supremacists, even though we know how white supremacists feel about Jews.