Jews and Black Lives Matter

If you are a progressive Jews these days, it seems you are beholden to Black Lives Matter. But are BLM and their supporters being honest?

From Jonathan S. Tobin:

It’s time to remind the self-righteous Jewish cheerleaders for the BLM movement that while they may think they are on the right side of history, the cost of the campaign to empower those behind these “uprisings” is not being paid by those burdened with “white privilege,” but by the very people that they claim to care about. The children who are being killed because the police have been hamstrung by BLM activists are made in the image of God, the same as their own kids. That’s a point that those who are most eager to silence BLM critics should ponder before they smear those questioning their hypocritical posturing.

From Larry Levine:

To prove your worth and that you are sufficiently “woke,” especially if you are a rabbi at a conservative or a reform synagogue, you must proclaim solidarity to and fealty to the “oppressed” people.
You necessarily have to ignore the rampant antisemitism from black leaders.  You have to ignore the almost daily beatings of Jews in Brooklyn and other parts of the world by some in this community.  You cannot speak out about famous black influencers like “Ice Cube,” Nick Cannon, the NFL’s DeSean Jackson, former NBA player Stephen Jackson, talk show hosts, and rappers who support Farrakhan’s not too subtle calls for violence and hatred toward Jews.  After all, they cannot help themselves now, can they?  Our white privilege causes them to act this way.  That is the height of racism to me.  The biggest victims of crime are blacks from black people.

Let's face it. Progressive Jews are allowing themselves to be played. They don't realize that that they are nothing more than useful tools to the BLM organization.