Jewish Students at Michigan State University Forced to Back Down

In another example of how Jewish students think they are engaged in a debate while the Jew haters are engaged in a war agains the Jews, Jewish students at Michigan State University were bullied into withdrawing a bill to adopt the IHRA Definition of antisemitism.

According to an article from the Algemeiner:

A group of Jewish students at Michigan State University have withdrawn a previously passed bill to adopt the leading definition of antisemitism, following a backlash from members of the Students United for Palestinian Rights (SUPR) group and other students.

The adoption of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition was initially passed by the Associated Students of Michigan State University (ASMSU) General Assembly on March 18, by an 81% margin, according to Michigan State University Hillel statement. In the days that followed, the statement said, student representatives who claimed to have not read the bill began to withdraw their support, and a special ASMSU session was planned for April 6 to “reconsider” the measure.

The SUPR alleged that the definition provided by the IHRA “limits the understanding of the true roots of antisemitism [and] plays an active role in silencing political thought surrounding the occupation of historic Palestine.” Instead, the SUPR called for adopting the Jerusalem Declaration of Antisemitism (JDA), an alternative proposed by critics of the IHRA definition.

Because they are at war against the Jews, Palestinian apologists and other haters have no qualms about lying, bullying, or engaging in any other underhanded tactic. All is fair, etc.:

“A bunch of SUPR representatives anonymously participated at a special virtual student government body meeting to discuss the bill, disguised their names or identities and disrupted the process by disseminating misinformation,” Jordan Robinson, Executive Vice President of University Relations for the Jewish Student Union, which presented the IHRA resolution to the student government body, told The Algemeiner. “Some of the SUPR members who spoke out against the IHRA adoption were Jewish, which was another trigger for the concerns which led to the bill being reconsidered.”

Another problem facing Jewish students is:

“Our students felt isolated with no one standing up for them. They turned into the villains,” Jackson said. “We understood that further debate would only lead to continued targeting of Jewish students and more education was needed.”

Jackson claimed that the MSU Jewish community of about 3,500 students was being held to a different standard than other communities, including LGBT, Asian, and Arab students on campus — groups which had previously been the subject of anti-discrimination measures passed by the student government body.

The double standard of course, is nothing new. It's been used against Jews for millennia, and it will continue to be used as long as Jew haters can get away with it.

Where are our local Jewish leaders? Are they aware of this issue? Have they been asked for help? This is an old issue already. The MSU Hillel Facebook post regarding this issue is from March 19, which is prior to the withdrawal.

Stay tuned. We will post updates, if any.