Jewish Organizations vs. ZOA and Israel

If you're on ZOA's mailing list, you may have already read about how left-leaning Jewish groups are trying to overturn the results of the latest vote that gave ZOA and other pro-Israel groups a majority of elected delegate seats in the World Zionist Congress. It seems the progressive groups are unhappy with the results of the voting. As we saw in the 2016 presidential elections, their standard tactic is to reject any vote that they lose as illegitimate. The only valid elections are ones that they win. They long to be dictators.

Notably, the losing left wing groups were not left out of the agreement.  They just will have less power than they had during the past years, when they won the elections. 
It is thus sad to read the report that leadership of the left wing Masorti (Conservative Jewish) Movement slate are unwilling to accept the consequences of the election.  Instead, the Masorti leadership is wrongly calling the democratic election results a “hostile takeover” and essentially resorting to blackmail – by threatening to leave the World Zionist Organization if they don’t succeed at overturning the results of the 2020 elections.  

What's even worse is that these left leaning Jewish organizations, members of the World Zionist Congress seem to be anti-Zionists.

Under the left, WZO education programs often wrongly criticized the Israeli government, the Israeli people and religious Jews. A program and pamphlet produced by the WZO Department of Diaspora Affairs (a department under Reform Jewish control) even praised “Machsom Watch” – an anti-Israel non-governmental organization (“NGO”) that harasses and condemns the brave young Israeli soldiers who oversee the checkpoints that stop suicide bombers from attacking Jerusalem pizza stores. A Reform official declared that his group planned to bring presumably similar NGOs into the WZO.
Leftists at the World Zionist Congress blocked needed Aliyah programs, and blocked expenditures by Israel’s National Institutions to help fellow Jews over the artificial 1949 Armistice “Auschwitz” lines. The leftists sought to falsely and publicly label multi-ethnic Israel as “institutionally racist.” The left also insisted that a “combatting antisemitism” program in Philadelphia last year had to put a “Partners for Progressive Israel” (“PPI”) official on its panel. The PPI panelist then used this public WZO platform to accuse Israel of “perpetuat[ing] an apartheid-like system” and “oppression,” and exhorted the audience to stand up and condemn Israel! And much more.

It isn't as if there aren't already enough anti-Zionist/anti-Semitic groups working to undermine and delegitimize Israel. Now they have mainstream Jewish helpers. These Jews have replaced their Judaism with progressive politics. They've forgotten the lessons of 3500 years of Jewish history. They want all Jews, Israeli and Diaspora Jews, to join them in their suicidal march to irrelevance. They are the Jew haters' good Jews.

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